Jars with lid "Quattro Stagioni" by Bormioli Rocco

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Undisputed leaders in Italy, Bormioli Rocco's "Quattro Stagioni" Jars with lids come to Claudia&Julia so that you can prepare your homemade preserves as moms have done for over 40 years. In a safe, easy and practical way, the rubberized capsule under the lid ensures the "vacuum effect" in the glass jar. All this in boats in a large number of sizes and a most beautiful traditional design . You will use them in the kitchen to make preserves and to store all kinds of ingredients.

The jars are perfect for canning, and are undoubtedly ideal for storing everything from nuts to sugar, flour, rice, sweets... You will use them for everything!

The vacuum system for Quattro Stagioni jars is easy, safe and different . It is seen and heard. You will see it when you check that the center of the lid has dropped and you will be able to hear it when you open the jar to consume the preserve, when you hear the characteristic "pop". Guarantees the perfect combination of bottle and capsule:

  • The jar is made of glass, always recyclable . Thick, resistant, with great transparency and the engraving of the brand in relief, which makes it easily identifiable. Easy to clean, even in the dishwasher, guaranteeing hygienic preservation and offering great safety.
  • The screw cap is specifically designed for your home preserves . The inside of the lid has a rubber gasket, which allows air to escape from the jar during boiling, creating a vacuum and adhering to the glass. The flexible part of the capsule (in the center of the lid) goes down, ensuring a vacuum for a long time. It is golden in color, of high quality and with careful attention to detail.
  • Its special internal rubber gasket stands out for being softer, purer and more elastic than that of common jars, facilitating its complete adherence to the glass .
  • It is not necessary to press to close the jar, since to do so, the air could not escape. Screw on gently and ready to pasteurize!
  • The design of the jar, wide and comfortable , as well as the shape of all the jars, is specially studied to obtain maximum practicality when pouring and packaging your homemade preserves.
  • The lids are very practical and replaceable to guarantee the vacuum process in each new preserve .

The quintessential Italian brand of jars offers a wide range of formats , which allows you to cover an infinite number of uses and needs in the kitchen and pantry. Their beautiful and elegant design makes them ideal not only for you to store your preparations. They are the perfect container to give away your homemade preserves.

In addition, they are great containers to keep cookies, jelly beans, sugar, flour, legumes or dried pasta in good condition for longer, or even to present delicious desserts!


  • The jars are made of very resistant and highly transparent glass.
  • All jars are fridge-safe and can go in the microwave without the lid.
  • Dishwasher safe containers.
  • The lids are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher, they must be washed by hand.


sizes height without lid
capsule diameter Weight
200ml jar 8.5cm 86mm 274g
250ml jar 9.3cm 70mm 200g
500ml jar 13.6cm 70mm 333g
1L jar 16.9cm 86mm 536g
300 ml amphora jar 9.8cm 70mm 245g
500 ml amphora jar 11cm 70mm 362g

NOTE: Quattro Stagioni jars have been the undisputed leaders in Italy for generations in their specialty, canning. The rubber gasket of its lid guarantees a complete and total adherence to the glass, ensuring the perfect vacuum of the preserve. Once the jar has been opened and the vacuum has been lost, the lid can no longer be used for a new preserve, but it is suitable for keeping the jar closed. In this case, if you use it simply to close and not create a vacuum, keep in mind that since the lid is so thin, it can be damaged by use and friction, or rust may appear in contact with water (to avoid this, dry it well). To make preserves repeatedly, you can buy loose lids in packs, without having to buy the jar.

Why we like Bormioli Rocco's Quattro Stagioni Jars with lids

  1. These are the jars that have been making Italian families happy for more than 40 years (when someone in Italy says "Preserve", they instantly think of these jars!). I'm sure you'll love them, because in addition to being practical, they're extremely pretty and resistant!
  2. The design of the lid is specifically studied so that the vacuum is made without having to close it with all the force that you are capable of, since the rubber gasket of the capsule, thin and elastic, allows the air to escape and adheres to the glass with total security and firmness.
  3. In the Quatto Stagioni the emptiness is seen and heard. You will see it when the center of the lid is lowered and you will hear it when you open the jar and hear the fantastic "pop" of the perfect preserve.
  4. Surely there is a model for you. Or all of them! Whatever the preserve you prepare or the food you want to store, a Quattro Stagioni will have the solution.

NOTE: Jars come with lids, but they are replaceable if you are using them for canning (since the ring will have already vacuumed once). You can get more lids for new vacuum preserves here .

    History of Bormioli Rocco

    Founded in 1825, Bormioli Rocco was born in Fidenza (Parma) where the first Bormioli family glassware was established. And it is in 1976 when the brand's most iconic product, the "Quattro Stagioni" jar, sees the light of day, becoming the first jar for domestic use suitable for pasteurization.

    Currently and since 2017, they are part of Bormioli Luigi, exporting to more than 100 countries in the world and being a benchmark on the international scene.

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    Christian X.P.
    Botes conservas

    Buen producto a un precio interesante

    María A.
    Mis preferidos

    Estos tarros de cristal son mis favoritos para guardar de todo en mi despensa y frigorífico. Los conozco desde hace muchísimos años y he seguido porque son fuertes y duraderos.
    Este modelo no lo tenía y ahora me encanta para mis mayonesas caseras!

    Tarro de cristal

    Precioso y muy útil, además de almacenar queda estético.

    Marta R.C.
    Botes con tapa Quattro Stagioni

    Me encantan!!!! Perfectos para guardar azúcar, harina y cualquier cosa! Tenía muchas ganas de tenerlos.

    Pedro P.C.V.
    Botes de Calidad

    Producto magnífico, con entrega en tiempo y forma. Muy contento cada vez que compro en Claudia&Julia

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