Lemon Curd - Tiptree Lemon Sour Cream 312gr

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The "lemon curd", which literally translates as "lemon curd", is a cream with an intense lemon flavour obtained by curdling lemon juice with eggs. It is a cream of English origin, dense and smooth, but with a clear lemon flavour, widely used in confectionery to make toppings and fillings for cakes and pastries. 

The quality of lemon curd Tiptree comes from the quality of the fruit used in its production: the lemons come from selected crops, and the eggs come from free-range farms. It has a delicious texture and taste, and keeps in the fridge for weeks after opening.

  • Format: 312g glass jar.
  • Ingredients: sugar, salted butter, lemon juice (11%), free range egg yolk, free range whole egg, acidity regulator (citric acid), gelling agent (citrus pectin), lemon oil.

Little tips

Apart from using it in classic baking (biscuits, cakes and biscuits), you can also make a quick and delicious dessert with lemon curd. Place a generous spoonful of lemon curd in the bottom of a glass or bowl; top with Greek yoghurt or quality natural yoghurt, and garnish with a few shavings of lemon peel. Keep it in the fridge until dessert time, you'll see what a treat it is!

About Wilkin&Sons

The Wilkins family has been farming in Tiptree for over 300 years. This is where the brand name comes from, a brand known worldwide and characterised by the high quality of its products, and very much marked by a clear focus on quality and natural cultivation. This is returned to them with fruits rich in flavour, which is directly transferred to the flavour of the products they make from them.

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Customer Reviews

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mari b.c.
Lemon curd

Pues lo compre porque lo llevo comprando hace mucho tiempo. Nos encanta en postres en yogures en bizcochos. Tiene un sabor delicioso y me alegre de poder comprarlo aquí. Pues me gusta comprar aquí por el buen servicio. Un saludo

Marta A.

¡Está buenísima!
La usé para unas galletas que se acabaron volando, pero también está muy buena con yogur (o sola!!).
Repetiré seguro.


Es una auténtica delicia, suave, dulce con un toque ácido


Se recomienda probarla

Maria J.C.d.l.F.

No os conocía, me cuesta mucho encontrar este producto y habido un acierto, me encantan las recetas q mandáis