Le Creuset Aluminum Non-Stick 3-Piece Set

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The Le Creuset 3-Piece Aluminum Non-Stick Set is a set of three essential utensils to prepare your recipes, a cookware for life! With a very practical design, and the best Le Creuset non-stick coating , with the set's two pans and saucepan, you can cook very healthily, quickly and with almost no oil.

Thanks to its excellent and highly efficient heat distribution , you can cook easily, quickly and with less energy consumption . They are suitable for all heat sources and perfect for daily use, since you can also use them in the oven.

The set is made up of three of the most functional utensils in any kitchen, three light and high-quality pieces:

  • A 16 cm pouring ladle , with pouring spouts on both sides, to facilitate the pouring and distribution of sauces, creams, soups, liquids or purées. A perfect pot for frying croquettes or fritters, thanks to its tall, straight walls, which will help minimize splashes.
  • A low 24 cm frying pan , the most commonly used size, perfect for tortillas or grilling meat, fish, eggs or vegetables in a very healthy way.
  • A 26 cm high frying pan with a handle so that, together with the handle, it is very easy for you to handle it. A deep frying pan perfect for sautéing, frying, cooking or for preparing any type of broth or sauce stew.

A perfect cookware so you can prepare your recipes quickly, efficiently and with healthy and very tasty results, both on the stove and in the oven.


  • Set of 3 pieces made of anodized forged aluminium, specially treated to give a durable finish and achieve excellent cooking results .
  • Its structure reinforced by anodizing allows a great distribution and a very efficient conduction of heat to cook evenly.
  • It incorporates a reinforced non-stick surface (without PFOA) that supports all types of cooking, even without oil, for healthier cooking and preventing food from sticking.
  • It is Le Creuset's best non-stick coating , with increased durability and abrasion resistance .
  • It has a very robust and ergonomic design thanks to its handles and handles made of stainless steel with rivets also made of stainless steel, totally suitable for coming into contact with food.
  • They are suitable for any heat source , including induction, thanks to the stainless steel disk encapsulated in the base of the pan.
  • They are also oven safe up to 260°C.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Why we like the Le Creuset Aluminum Nonstick 3-Piece Set

  1. It is a cookware with 3 essentials for your best recipes.
  2. The pieces are robust and durable, to be in your kitchen for many years.
  3. They are designed to be very functional pieces, ideal for everyday use.
  4. Its reinforced non-stick coating is of excellent quality.
  5. You can cook with hardly any oil, for the healthiest recipes.
  6. Nothing sticks and cleans up very easily.
  7. They give a very good feeling in the hand due to their build quality and, in addition, they have a design that makes you fall in love!

NOTE: The strong coating of all the pieces ensures you maintain its non-stick properties for many years, but it is important not to use metal objects to avoid scratching it and it is advisable to heat it gradually.

    The Le Creuset Story

    Le Creuset is a French brand of household items famous throughout the world for its quality and leader in the sectors of enameled cast iron, stoneware ceramics and kitchen accessories, among other items.

    Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures world-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks around the world , Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unmatched durability.

    The famous cocottes have been manufactured for more than 80 years at the Le Creuset facility in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.

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