Kuhn Rikon stainless steel peeler

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The Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Peelers are perfect for peeling vegetables and hard fruits, such as potatoes, cucumbers, carrots or even courgettes. The extremely sharp stainless-steel blade makes them indispensable in your kitchen.

Made of stainless steel and 100% Swiss manufacturing, they facilitate the very fine cutting of the skin of vegetables and fruits thanks to their super-sharp blade. In addition, all of them incorporate a small lace on one of their sides, ideal for removing imperfectionsprecisely, allowing maximum use.

The Khun Rikon peelers, one of the most iconic in the world and recognised by the cross on its handle which is so characteristic of the Swiss brand, can be found with three different types of blade:

  • The smooth blade peeler, perfect for peeling hard fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, courgettes, sweet potatoes or cucumbers. It offers a very fine cut for full use of the pieces to be peeled.
  • The piranha peeler, with its serrated blade, perfect for very finely peeling tomatoes or peaches without damaging them, guaranteeing full use of the piece.
  • The julienne peeler with its sharp, serrated stainless steel blade for shredding your vegetables, even the toughest ones like carrots, without wasting anything.


  • Weight: 37g
  • Measurements: 12.2 cm (length) x 6.4 cm (width) x 1.2 cm (height)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 100% Swiss Made
  • Suitable for lefties and righties, thanks to its ergonomic design.
  • Dishwasher safe. It is recommended to wash it by hand and dry it immediately
  • 5 years warranty

The smooth peeler comes in two formats:

  • In a standard box, perfect for gift wrapping.
  • No box, in a more ecological format.


Why we like the Kuhn Rikon stainless steel peeler

  1. It is ideal for peeling vegetables and fruits quickly, efficiently and precisely.
  2. You have a peeler for every need: with a smooth blade, to julienne and with a serrated blade, the one needed to peel tomatoes.
  3. The side edge of the peeler is perfect for removing imperfections from vegetables and fruits.
  4. 100% Swiss made, with the best stainless steel. Robust and resistant, to last many years in your kitchen.
  5. It is perfect for both left and right handed people, thanks to its ergonomic design.

The story of Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon manufactures cookware in Switzerland with a long tradition dating back to 1899. It currently maintains its headquarters in Rikon (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain and the United States. Its Duromatic brand is synonymous with quality pressure cookers throughout the world, but it also manufactures all kinds of high quality kitchen utensils that allow efficient and healthy cooking.

In addition to the renowned Swiss quality of his products, his passion for design has led him to obtain prestigious design awards, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has recognised the good execution of its design and sells selected Kuhn Rikon products in its own store.

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Simplemente excelente. Corta limpio, fino y sin apenas esfuerzo en comparación con otros buenos peladores que ya teníamos. Alucinante es el adjetivo más repetido para referirnos a este pelador

Beatriz R.P.
Pelador Khun-Rikon

El pelador de Kuhn-Rikon ha sido un gran descubrimiento, está muy afilado y se pelan las patatas y demás frutas sin esfuerzo pues se desliza con mucha facilidad. Tengo que decir que lo que me convenció a comprarlo fueron unas reseñas de America’s Test Kitchen pues lo pusieron como el pelador número 1 después de testar mucho otros.

Encarna H.O.

Excelente producto

Pelador Kuhn Rikon

Cumple perfectamente su cometido. Corta la piel muy fina y he notado mucha diferencia con el que he usado hasta ahora. Como siempre Claudia&Julia de 10

Muy buen pelador

Cumple perfectamente su función.