Kitchen knives with olive handle Pallarès

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Pallarès kitchen knives with olive wood handles are the ideal cutting tools for your recipes. Balanced and light , its sharp stainless steel blade cuts with precision and its olive wood handle provides a comfortable grip.

NOTE! These knives have a stainless steel blade, unlike the most popular Pallarès knives with a carbon iron blade. These do not rust or require maintenance, except for always trying to wash them by hand to take care of the wood of the handle.

They are ideal for use in the kitchen due to the durability of their blade . Its long-lasting olive wood handle has an elegant design, with a certain classic air. Although they do not rust, they require cleaning by hand for their care.

It is available in 5 blade sizes : 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm and 18 cm , so you can cover all your cutting needs in your kitchen.

Since I was little I remember seeing Pallarès knives and razors at home. My father used knives in the garden and I remember that my grandfather always carried one in his pocket. When I started helping my mother in the kitchen, I discovered that she also used Pallarès knives for almost everything. Some beautiful wooden knives that he still uses and cares for with love today.

Pallarès knives are light, balanced and have a very nice handle , which is why they quickly become one of the most used knives in any kitchen and at the table. It is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher. They are appreciated around the world as a symbol of a knife with its own character made by hand. They can be found in specialized stores both in Europe and in the United States or New Zealand and have appeared in specialized publications for their character and special design.

Why we like Pallarès kitchen knives with olive wood handles

  1. Its 5 sizes allow you to choose the one you need most for each cut and food.
  2. The stainless steel blade is very sharp and durable and does not rust.
  3. Its handle is made of long-lasting olive wood with a beautiful grain.
  4. Like all Pallarès, it is a great knife.

The history of Pallares

Pallarès is a Spanish company that has been manufacturing knives by hand since 1917. It was founded in Solsona by the Pallarès brothers and is currently managed by the third generation of said brothers. Pallarès knives are characterized by their traditional manufacture, the quality of the materials used and their excellent cut , since each knife is manufactured and sharpened by hand by master craftsmen. His kitchen knives are appreciated all over the world as a symbol of functional knives, with their own character and beautiful design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Albert F.
Uchillos del cocina Pallarès

Fantásticos, hace mucho tiempo que utilizo herramientas de corte Pallarès.

Pilar C.
Buen cuchillo

Compré el cuchillo con hoja de 8 cm y estoy muy contenta. Es manejable y corta muy bien.


Estos cuchillos, al igual que todos los de Pallarès son una joya para la cocina, además de cortar muy bien, estéticamente son una belleza.

Roberto M.
Gran filo

Da gusto cortar con este cuchillo.

Cuchillo Pallarés

Más que fantástico, es una maravilla, corta perfectamente. Aquel dicho: que los tomates hay que contarlos con cuchillo de sierra, para mí, acaba de desmentirlo, estos cuchillos. Compraré más. Muchas Gracias.