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The Traeger Pellet Container is a perfect container for you to store pellets neatly and safely from moisture . Its airtight lid will always keep them fresh, guaranteeing optimal combustion and the best smoked flavor of each variety.

With these containers it will be very easy for you to have them organized and classified according to the variety of wood, since they include identification labels for each pellet. Being stackable , you can have several different containers for different flavors without taking up much space.


  • Capacity: 9.8kg (approx.)
  • Airtight lid with locking closure.
  • Stackable containers.
  • Measurements: 14.5" x 7" x 13.5".
  • Weight: 2kg (approx.)
  • Includes 6 identification labels with the usual pellets and 6 blank ones.

Why we like the Traeger Pellet Container

  1. It is the best way to keep it safe from moisture.
  2. It is perfect to always have them organized.
  3. You can store them well classified.
  4. And they're stackable, so you can have them all in one space!

Trager's story

In 1985, Joe Traeger invented the first wood pellet barbecue, pioneering a movement that has revolutionized the shape and taste of outdoor cooking, defying the standards set by gas or charcoal. Currently, Trager is the leading brand with its pellet barbecues, the best sellers in the world, having a wide variety of designs, as well as different types of pellets with which to enhance the flavor of what is cooked.

Moved by their love for the 100% natural flavor of firewood and outdoor cooking that brings people together, during their more than 30 years of life they have perfected their barbecues, incorporating new technologies to facilitate their adaptation to new times and situations, ensuring that everyone, without being an expert, can enjoy a tastier, more sustainable and easier cuisine on a wood-burning barbecue, without missing a thing.

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