Upcoming information sessions on the Cookexpert!

There are many of you who have doubts about how the CookExpert works, what is included in the machine and how to use it. That's why we'd like to do some briefings on it soon.

These sessions will have an online format: we will meet through a platform to hold a "Virtual Informative Meeting", so we can see each other and see the machine much more closely, and we hope to be able to provide better information in this way and resolve any doubts that may arise. They will be sessions guided by Mónica Prego, who knows the machine (and the kitchen!).

The idea is to start by doing some information sessions in the morning (around 10 am, the day is yet to be determined), in small groups .

If you are interested in participating in the next informative session that we will do, please, sign up in the following form so that we can contact you by mail with date, time and the link to join the session.

We hope you enjoy the meetings and understand why we like this great food processor!

I'm in for the next Cookexpert robot briefings!