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With the Magimix Cook Expert Robot, the first truly multifunction kitchen robot has arrived. With this robot you can cook from first courses to desserts, and you can also beat, mix, puree and make dough, added to the functions of a food processor, that is, you can also cut, grate, chop, make julienne and more, all effortlessly and with maximum efficiency. You do not believe it?

Magimix, the leading brand in kitchen robots for professionals and individuals , has developed Cook Expert. It is a multifunction machine, designed to perform all the functions necessary to prepare all types of recipes , from appetizers to desserts, through a wide variety of dishes and doughs: from soups and creams to rice, pasta, casseroles, stews, cakes. ...And even bread!

It is a very complete and versatile machine, with a very high learning curve: With only 3 buttons and its 12 programs you will quickly learn to use it and get the most out of it!

Magimix offers 3 years warranty and 30 years motor warranty . CookExpert is, without a doubt, a lifelong investment.

How Magimix Cook Expert works

Magimix Cook Expert comes equipped with everything you need to use it as a food processor and multifunction kitchen robot. Because there is one important thing you should know about Magimix Cook Expert: unlike other multifunction robots, apart from including the steel bowl for all types of mixing, blending and cooking preparations, it also includes three bowls that adapt to the machine for Process food with the help of its special blades.

Thus, by attaching the bowls and blades to the base of the Cook Expert, you can cut, grate, julienne at high speed, emulsify and mix, both in small and large quantities. And with the metal bowl you can make all kinds of recipes: the robot includes 12 automatic functions and an expert mode for those who want to explore their own recipes. Preset functions include making soup, steaming, simmering, making dough, desserts, ice cream, whipping egg whites and much more.

Cook Expert is heated with a small induction disc, which allows you to perfectly control the temperature , and with all its functions the possibilities are endless.

Magimix Cook Expert from Claudia&Julia on Vimeo .

Accessories included in the Magimix Cook Expert

Magimix Cook Expert comes equipped, on the one hand, with everything you need to use it as a kitchen assistant when processing food (make all types of cuts, mix or emulsify), and also, everything you will need to use it as a true kitchen chef, with the thermal steel pot and its accessories. The robot includes:

  • The base with the control board and the induction disc.
  • A double-walled stainless steel container with a 3.5L capacity . It is the container where you will program the cooking tasks with the heating, baking, cooking with the expert option or blender programs. Thanks to its double wall, food will stay hot (or cold, in the case of cold preparations) for two hours once it has been turned off. It includes a glass lid to control the preparations at all times.
  • The universal blade : it is the element that will usually be attached to the bowl, and that you will use in the simmering, mixing, kneading and ice crushing options.
  • The whisk , which you will use to whip egg whites and make creams.
  • The steam tray and basket , which you will attach to the bowl to steam all types of food - meat, fish, vegetables, dumplings, etc.
  • The spatula , designed to use comfortably and effectively with the inside of the metal bowl.
  • 3 transparent bowls , to attach to the base and convert it into a food processor. With this, you will be able to carry out several basic food preparation tasks effortlessly and quickly: cutting, grating, chopping, emulsifying and much more. The bowls have a capacity of 3.6L, 2.6L, 1.2L.
  • A small bowl with a mini-blade , perfect for cutting, emulsifying and mixing small quantities.
  • A case with 4 discs that will help you cut, slice ( 2mm and 4mm thick, for example for cucumbers) and grate (for example, carrots or cheese).
  • A steel blade , for cutting meat and fish.
  • A scale , with which you can weigh ingredients from 2g to 10Kg.
  • A Magimix recipe book , created especially to pay tribute to the traditional cuisine that we all know, with 300 classic recipes and Spanish cuisine explained in the clearest way to make them with the Magimix. Through all its recipes, you will be able to learn how to use the machine and enjoy, both on a daily basis and on holidays, the best cuisine made with Magimix.
  • Free Cook Expert Application , which you can use with your tablet and smartphones and with which you can create your shopping lists, watch recipe videos and access recipes contributed by other users (and surely, surely, you will soon want to be the one you contribute your own).
Magimix Cook Expert Accessories

NOTE : Apart from all the accessories that are included with your new Magimix Cook Expert, you can purchase other accessories to get even more out of the machine: a larger steamer accessory, more variety of discs to make other cuts to vegetables and greens, the spiral expert to make spirals, the extra press accessory to make all types of smoothies... plus other accessories already available from Magimix as well as many others that will arrive very soon! Very soon you will see them all on Claudia&Julia!

Magimix Cook Expert Recipe Book

You will love the recipe book that comes included with the robot! This is a recipe book prepared and adapted for cooking with the Cook Expert by experts in our gastronomy. The book includes 300 recipes of all kinds, classic and essential to our gastronomy , adapted and explained in an easy and clear way to prepare with the robot, to be able to enjoy the food we know best on a daily basis. Ajoblanco, vegetable soup, cauliflower cream, tuna dumplings, stuffed eggplants, fabada, quick salads, sauces of all kinds, cod brandade, cod in sanfaina, steamed fish, parmentier, scallops, clams marinara style, fricandó, chilindrón chicken, veal, various rice dishes, meringue, custard, compotes, smoothies and a long, long etcetera.

In the book there are numerous recipes that will not only make you enjoy the usual cooking done comfortably and quickly, but will also help you learn how to use the robot in a very short time. You will also see that, from there, you are encouraged to prepare a thousand more recipes!

Recipes with Magimic - Magimix Recipe Book

Sample recipes from the Magimix Recipe Book

Looking for more recipes and answers?

We invite you to visit , a meeting place for all of you who have or want a Magimix Cookexpert. There, you will find a ton of recipes, AND we publish more every week! More recipes and video recipes with which you can get the most out of your CookExpert.

Likewise, there is a Facebook group where you can enter and discover recipes, or ask anything you want so that the Cookexperts can help you solve them. We had a great time there talking about cooking!

Magimix Cook Expert vs competitors

Today there are several brands that have their own version of Multifunction Kitchen Robot. Magimix has similarities with some of them, but these basically refer to the functionalities it offers: many can steam, beat, mix, whip egg whites,... From here on, there are differences that are worth highlighting and evaluating favorably. from Magimix:

  • Magimix offers a very large bowl , 3.5L capacity. This gives you much greater flexibility and play in the kitchen, since you will be able to prepare more of your recipes if you have guests, or prepare more of your daily basics (soup, cream, meats, sauces and more...), so that it lasts longer days or even to be able to freeze. With that bowl you can even prepare up to 1.5Kg of dough in case you want to make bread!
  • The steel bowl is also double-layered , which allows you to keep food either cold or hot for 2 hours after you turn off the machine. The bowl, inside, has a built-in relief measuring scale .
  • Magimix includes all the accessories to convert the machine into a food processor , which allows you to make all kinds of cuts, grate and emulsify to prepare your vegetables, make sauces and more. There is no other machine with similar characteristics that gives you such an advantage (note that, if you want an independent Magimix processor, it has a price of €330).
  • Magimix plastic bowls are made with a special technology and are practically unbreakable : you can try to bend them, you can even try to sit on them... You won't break them! You can put them in the dishwasher, add very hard, very hot, very hot foods... The bowls will always remain as beautiful as the first day.
  • The Magimix lid is made of glass , which allows you to observe how your preparations evolve at all times. In addition, it closes perfectly and you won't have to hold it every time you change speed or program.
  • Magimix offers not only the various automatic functions, but also has an Expert program with which, if you want, you can be the one to decide the temperature at which you want to cook at all times and give it the times to create your own recipes. and follow your own pace, which other machines don't allow you to do.
  • Magimix is ​​a very stable machine, with which you will cook safely. In addition, it is one of the quietest you will find of its kind.
  • Magimix offers 3 years factory warranty and 30 years motor warranty. How many machines offer you this guarantee?

    In the photo (from left to right): the Magimix robot after finishing cooking with the bowl, the Magimix robot with the food processor accessories and Magimix after finishing the whipping egg whites function.

    My opinion on the Magimix Cook Expert

    The Magimix team has done something very great: they have taken the best of the multifunction machines on the market and not only have they improved their most interesting aspects, but they have expanded what the robot offers in a multitude of aspects.

    The fact that Magimix's Cook Expert includes the food processor, one of the best and most efficient on the market, already left me speechless. But then there are all the details of the steel pot: the glass lid to see the internal process, the fact that the pot is thermos and maintains the temperature of the recipes for two hours, the quality of each of its components, the possibility of controlling your cooking, the ease of use, its versatility,...

    In a very short time you learn to master great recipes and by doing everything so quickly and efficiently you are encouraged to try doing things that you had never considered before: Magimix both offers you the convenience of cooking without complications and allows you to explore your chef side by Being able to cook at your leisure, controlling the entire process.

    Although I have given you my impression, I would like to share other opinions from those who have been using the machine for a while, opinions that I have found that I believe also define the Magimix Cook Expert robot very well:

    The flo show : "What makes my heart lean more towards Magimix is ​​everything that I have explained above, of course, but the main thing is: the robustness of the machine, the feeling of security, its large capacity, the foods it includes, its automated programs, the precision of induction heating, the possibility of waterproofing/rising the bread at a low temperature" .

    The flo show : "My favorite recipes with Magimix Cook Expert are (the ones I make very often because they are ultra easy, quick to prepare and delicious): rice pudding, risotto, all kinds of soups (Vichyssoise is a must), dhal, creme anglaise and all kinds of custards (coffee, caramel, chocolate), quick dips, puff pastry (takes 3 minutes!), steamed rice, steamed vegetables, smoothies, tartares (fish, beef), meatballs, sauces ( hollandaise and béarnaise are to die for), carbonara, chili con carne, crunchy salads (mixture of raw beet, onion, apple)" .

    Chef Nini : "Another function that seems important to me for a multifunction robot is to be able to whip egg whites. I whipped 3 egg whites and used the "whip until stiff" function. (...) I have not found any difficulty, the whites have uploaded perfectly, and quite fast".

    Les Numeriques : "Cook Expert is an extremely complete, versatile and well-finished appliance that will satisfy the connoisseur and food lover, without falling into the trap of being inaccessible to beginners. Making a device intuitive and easy to use When it offers so many features without a touch screen or sensitive controls it seemed like a real challenge for Magimix. We recommend it without restraint, especially since its mixing and cooking performance lives up to all its other strengths.

    Optional accessories for the Magimix Cook Expert

    Magimix has presented several accessories to make even more use of our kitchen robot:

    • The steamer accessory for Cook Expert has a capacity of 5.5 liters and is made of stainless steel. It attaches to the steam accessory that is already included with your Magimix robot, obtaining a total capacity of 8 L.
    • The extractor accessory allows us to make juices and smoothies of all kinds with our robot. In addition, with Magimix's Extra Press system we can even make vegetable milks!
    • The spiral cutting accessory has three interchangeable discs for cutting vegetables into spaghetti, tagliatelle or fusilli shapes. Ideal for preparing all types of salads and recipes!

    Features of the Magimix Cook Expert

    Let's get to the most technical part! The Magimix machine offers the following features among all its functionalities and accessories:

    • 3.5L double wall stainless steel bowl
    • Cooks using induction from 30° to 140°C (Up to 160°C with the March 2019 update).
    • New slow cooking program up to 4 hours with the March 2019 update.
    • Three transparent bowls (3.6 liters, 2.6 liters and 1.2 liters)
    • 12 automatic programs: cooking/mixing, simmering, steaming, kneading, whisking, juicing, blender function, ice crusher, chopping, chopping, grating, mixing
    • A manual program
    • Glass lid with 360° vision: 100% waterproof
    • Very intuitive digital display
    • Energy saving by keeping warm for 2 hours
    • Independent scale from 2 to 10 kg (1gr)
    • Book with 300 recipes
    • Free application for mobile and tablet, to follow recipes and shopping lists.
    • Materials 0% BPA * according to current legislation
    • 1700W power
    • 3 year warranty
    • 30-year engine warranty (or 1000 hours of use)
    • Dimensions: H370 x L335 x D390 mm
    • Weight: 11kg
    • Made in France.

    NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: This product will only be shipped to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Sale outside Spanish territory is not authorized.

    Magimix History

    More than forty years ago, in France, specifically in Burgundy, Magimix invented its first food processor. Its success was so great that they began to produce more kitchen utensils such as blenders, toasters, juice juicers and a long list. Today, Magimix utensils are the domestic version for all professionals' utensils, offering great quality and guarantee, in addition to being manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way.

    Opinions and questions

    All published opinions are from verified customers and are requested by email directly to customers within 10-15 days of purchasing a product in our store. More information here .

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Me gusta por ahora

    Apenas llevo unos días con ella, pero por ahora muy bien. Màs silenciosa y mejores materiales que la Thermomix. Muchas más posibilidades de cocinado. Una pega: la función "aclarado" sirve de poco.

    Jose M.

    Me costó, por su tamaño, al principio, pero ahora estoy muy satisfecho con la compra

    Soraya H.R.
    Un robot para todos

    Después de probar la Magimix Cook Expert unos días, puedo afirmar que estoy muy satisfecha con la compra. Me gusta cocinar y creo que un robot así suma muchas opciones en mi cocina, si bien creo que no viene a sustituir a otras herramientas. Sigo teniendo que usar sartenes, ollas, horno y freidora de aire… pero es cierto que me permite compaginar preparaciones, que me recorta tiempos, mejora texturas, permite probar con nuevas recetas…
    Si no te gusta cocinar sí que te la recomiendo como sustituto de otros utensilios. Porque aunque no puedas hacerlo TODO ahí, puedes cocinar muchísimas recetas y centrar tu tiempo y aprendizaje en un solo utensilio.
    Otra grata sorpresa ha sido el libro de recetas que viene de regalo, porque en una primera lectura rápida he marcado más de 30 recetas que me apetece hacer, son recetas que pueden interesar a casi todo el mundo y sirven para acostumbrarte a la máquina y ya luego experimentar por libre.
    Una gran inversión, pero una gran compra

    Magimix Cook Expert

    Muy facil de usar y ideal para hacer cremas, masas y mil platos más. Y que incluya un procesador, sencillamente brutal: corta en bastones, en juliana, lo que quieras!!. El libro con recetas, muy facil de seguir... encantada por el momento.

    Javier S.M.

    El libro de recetas, está muy bien a efectos de cocinar sin pensar, pero no hay ningún apartado donde explique las diferetes funciones y sus utilidades. Permitiría entender porque utilizar un programa u otro y en que casos será mejor utilizar uno u otro para recetas que no están en el libro.

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