Natural and organic tomato Prunotto

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The quality of this natural tomatoMariangela Prunotto is unbeatable: it is a natural tomato, processed 48 hours after picking, and comes from tomatoes from an organic and sustainable farm, totally free of pesticides or other chemicals.

You can enjoy this delicious natural tomato in two ways:

    • Whole natural peeled tomato in a 550 gram jar
    • Natural tomato concentrate with basil: tomato sauce concentrated, pure and only obtained by passing the tomatoes through the sieve, all-natural with basil. 



  1. Because they come from organic tomatoes, free of pesticides, they retain their most authentic and natural flavour.
  2. The production process is so demanding that the tomato is harvested at the perfect point of ripeness for these preserves, and it is packed quickly to preserve all its flavour and qualities.

History of Prunotto

Mariangela Prunotto has her fields and organic factory in Alba (Italy). Its history dates back to 1863, but its high point was more than 20 years ago, when they made the decision to become a purely organic farm regardless of the difficulties involved (using only natural fertilisers and pesticides). They have always said that a quality tomato must be free from chemicals, and that the tomato must be picked and processed at the optimum moment. Prunotto tomatoes are therefore harvested by hand only during the main ripening period of the tomato and packaged quickly (48 hours after harvesting at the latest). They use only the oldest known system, pasteurisation, to preserve the tomato, which keeps the product fresh for up to 4 years after packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Esta muy rico y sin conservantes


Llevaba un tiempo queriendo probar este tipo de tomate italiano. No me ha decepcionado. Aromático y sabroso. ¡Una delicia!

Farmacia M.
muy sabroso e intenso

sabroso e intenso

Confianza plena en la selección de la tienda

Compré este producto para regalar a un amante de las pizzas con ingredientes de calidad. Seguro que no fallo. Os indicaré mejor cuanto haga la cata pero seguro que es de 10

Alba G.A.
Tomate y sólo tomate

Me ha encantado, sin aditivos ni conservantes. Además el sabor y el espesor es perfecto