Zwilling Sommelier 4-piece set

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With the Zwilling 4-piece Sommelier Set you will have everything to enjoy your best wines. This set of 4 stainless steel utensils includes a matching corkscrew, capsule cutter, decanter stopper and drip ring . It comes in an elegant case, ideal for giving as a gift.

It is a perfect set so that the moment of opening the bottle and serving a glass of wine becomes a ritual. Cut the capsule, uncover the bottle and serve the wine, placing the ring around the neck, so that not a drop falls on the tablecloth!

In the case you will find:

  • A stainless steel spiral corkscrew . The arms adapt to the necks of all wine bottles. The efficient rotation technology will allow you to remove the stopper, cork or synthetic, uncorking easily and effortlessly . And once outside, turning the head counterclockwise, you will unscrew the cork.
  • A stainless steel capsule cutter , with which you can cut the capsule from the neck of the bottle with a slight twist of the wrist. An essential tool, very simple and comfortable to use.
  • A stainless steel decanter stopper , with which, in addition to covering the bottle and keeping the aroma of the wine intact, you can serve it directly by simply removing the upper part.
  • A stainless steel drip ring that, placed on the neck of the bottle, will prevent drops of wine from falling and staining any surface.

An ideal set for any wine lover, both for a most elegant gift for that special person, or as a gift and enjoy your best wines with a perfect set for any occasion.


  • Four-piece set:
    • Corkscrew
    • capsule cutter
    • Decanter stopper for wine bottle
    • drip ring
  • It comes in an elegant case.
  • Utensils made of stainless steel.
  • Spiral corkscrew for easy opening.
  • Simple and efficient capsule cutter.
  • It is recommended to clean it by hand, with a damp cloth and hot water. Dry them well after cleaning.
  • Store them in a dry place, protected from moisture.

Why we like the Zwilling Sommelier 4-Piece Set

  1. A very practical and elegant gift, ideal for wine lovers!
  2. The case is perfect for keeping everything together.
  3. The utensils are of high quality.
  4. The decanter stopper has a double use, to cover and to serve.
  5. Both the corkscrew and the capsule cutter are simple and effortless to use.
  6. The drip ring is very useful to avoid stains.

Zwilling history

ZWILLING JA HENCKELS is one of the oldest European kitchenware brands with the highest prestige and quality in the sector. Founded in 1731 in Solingen, Germany, it is a world leader in cutlery and kitchenware.

It is a firm that excites for the design, versatility and longevity of its products. In 2008 the mother house acquired the French kitchenware firm Staub and the Belgian Demeyere. The result is an extremely varied range of kitchenware, but always of superb quality.

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