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With the Tefal Saute Unlimited you can cook all kinds of stews comfortably, with excellent results and without anything sticking to you, thanks to its excellent non-stick coating . A 24 cm tall frying pan ideal for your risottos, stir-fries, stews or soupy rice dishes, with which you will love to cook!

Unlimited is the Tefal range for non-stick pans and saucepans with the greatest durability and scratch resistance . In this tall frying pan you can make your best and most delicious recipes without anything sticking, for many years, as it will accompany you in the kitchen for a long time.

The glass lid will allow you to see what you are cooking without having to lift it, while it favors cooking by keeping the heat and steam from cooking inside the pan.

Suitable for gas, ceramic hobs and induction, the saute has the Thermosignal indicator inside, which tells you that the pan is hot and at the optimum point to start cooking, at the moment the central red disc changes colour.

It has a black coated handle so that it does not get hot, so you can handle the pan without burning yourself and with total comfort. The stainless steel insert at the end adds an elegant finish.


  • Titanium non-stick and anti-scratch coating . It includes ultra hard crystals to guarantee maximum resistance and great performance. Its durability stands the test of time, as it is up to 6 times higher than the brand standard.
  • aluminum body with 100% safe non-stick coating . PFOA-free, cadmium-free and lead-free.
  • Thermo-Signal technology . The central indicator circle of the pan will change color when it reaches the optimum temperature to start cooking. From red to garnet for perfect results.
  • top induction. Its thick base guarantees the rapid heating and uniform temperature distribution, achieving some homogeneous cooking results and greater energy savings.
  • Resistance to deformation . The thickness and hardness of its base, resistant even to impacts, will prevent deformation over time.
  • Easy to clean . Its high-performance interior and exterior non-stick coating, in addition to helping you cook easily, makes cleaning much easier.
  • Glass lid for more efficient cooking . You do not need to lift it to check the stew, taking advantage of the steam and heat of cooking.
  • Suitable for all types of kitchens.
  • Very light and comfortable in handling.
  • Measures:
    • Upper diameter: 24 cm.
    • Diffuser bottom diameter: 20.4 cm.
    • Pan height: 8.05 cm.
    • Capacity: 3,365 l.

Why we like Tefal Saute Unlimited

  1. It is very comfortable to drive.
  2. You can cook with the peace of mind that nothing is going to stick to you.
  3. The central circle indicating the temperature, is a wonderful indicator!
  4. It is a perfect tall pan for any stew you want to prepare.
  5. Its nonstick is very resistant and durable.

The story of Tefal

Tefal, a French manufacturer of kitchen utensils and small appliances, is known around the world for its quality of their non-stick pans . In fact, its name derives from the combination of the words "Teflon" and "Aluminium", since It was the first company to bring nonstick cookware to market .

Since 2003, Tefal has been manufacturing all its non-stick products without PFOA or heavy metals, complying with all French, European and North American regulations regarding non-stick substances.

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