Claudia&Julia Natural Linen Bread Basket

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The new natural linen bread boxes by Claudia&Julia are the version of the traditional bread box that we love so much. Designed to provide a rustic touch to the table in a utensil that is used daily. It is a bread basket made of authenticnatural linen. Hence that unique fall, which you will only find in an authentic linen fabric.

It is the ideal size to fit sliced bread, round bread, buns, baguettes, croissants and all kinds of pastries and pastries. It is a bread bin with a rustic and charming appearance, in which you will fold the upper edge to present the sliced bread on the table in a very nice way, thus preventing the crumbs from spreading on the tablecloth.

It's available in two colours that we hope you'll find delicious: natural linen, undyed, which is a lovely cream or sandy colour, and in grey, which combines with everything. Which one do you like the most?

The natural look of this bread bin is the most ideal in any kitchen and on any table, since thanks to its color and design it will give the table a very personal, natural, elegant and rustic touch. . And if you want the bread basket with string, to safely close leftover bread and buns, you can find it here.

Measures (of the traditional bread box):

  • Height (unfolded): 20 cm
  • Width: 26 cm
  • Base: 15 cm


  • It is made 100% linen natural
  • Made in Spain
  • The colour of natural linen is in its natural state this precious stone colour.
  • Hand and machine washable.
  • These pieces are handmade, cut and sewn by hand, so they may have small imperfections, which make each piece unique.

Note: For the development of the entire Claudia&Julia textile range, we spent a lot of time patiently and lovingly searching for the right supplier. Thus, we found a clothing manufacturer from the area with a long family tradition and with whom we have worked hand in hand. It has helped us both in the pattern making of the clothes and in the search for the most suitable fabrics and colours for what we wanted. The entire range is made with fabrics from the country and is handmade in Spain. In fact, in a small town very close to Manresa...


    Why we like Claudia&Julia's Panera

    1. It has a rustic design that we consider beautiful, and the most authentic

    2. It is practical, light and easy to carry... And to store!

    3. It is a multifunction bread bin. You can also use it to bring brioches, muffins and other pastries to the table.

    4. You will be able to serve the bread avoiding that it is directly in contact with the table and preventing the crumbs from spreading.

    5. You have the bread basket with string, if you want to store the bread that has been cut or the pastries that have not been finished and keep it in perfect condition for long hours.
    6. Linen creates a very pretty effect and is very pleasant to the touch.

      About the Claudia&Julia brand

      We are very excited to finally be able to present this project. With Jordi, we had had in mind for a long time the fact of having our own brand, the result of our Claudia&Julia project. We wanted to create a line of textile products that are often difficult to find, that were natural pieces and in the style that we like so much, with a rustic touch. We wanted to achieve the simplicity that we always want to transmit, but also the warmth of things made at home, 100% natural and with a unique touch and our staff.

      For this same reason, we have decided to create this range of textile products under the Claudia&Julia brand. We sincerely hope that you like them a lot.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Gemma G.d.l.H.R.
      Son muy monas y el lino es ideal

      La foto inducía a error porque pensaba que tenían tapa, me explicaron que eso eran las bolsas para patatas. Me ofrecieron cambiarlas pero como son ideales no las he cambiado
      Enseguida procedieron a eliminar la fotografía

      ANGEL B.G.
      Panera de Lino natural Claudia&Julia

      Hola, no es por pelotear pero estoy encantado, nos gusta comer 2 ó 3 tipos de panes y siempre tenemos cachos que guardamos para el desayuno del día siguiente y esto es lo que andaba buscando. Muchas gracias.


      Pensaba que era más grande...

      Bendicion M.C.
      Elegante y útil

      Se ve un lino bueno .Solo ... me ha parecido pequeña, en casa somos muy paneros

      Azucena L.G.
      Panera de Lino

      Súper bonita, discreta y práctica, tanto para poner en la mesa como para guardar.
      Compré 2 y le regalé una a mi hija y también está encantada.