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By Traeger

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With a large cooking surface and ample space to prepare everything , the Traegger Timberline Barbecue will be the queen of the party. Robust and with a design that is as impressive as it is functional, it is so versatile and easy to use that you will only want to cook with it. Because you can roast, stew or braise in a casserole, bake bread, pizza or biscuits and smoke with the aroma you prefer . With results always as tasty as in a wood oven.

As simple to handle as the oven at home , you can also control it remotely from your mobile or tablet . Thanks to its WiFire technology and the Traeger application you will have the possibility to monitor and change the temperature, set alarms, search for the best recipe each time or activate the super-smoke function, even if you don't have it next to you. An ideal way to enjoy the day with your guests while preparing the best barbecue on the barbecue.

Designed so that you can have a great and uncomplicated enjoyment of versatile cooking, tasty food and all the moments with friends and family , it will accompany you for many years and many outdoor celebrations. So easy to use that when you try it, you'll want to cook it all in your Timberline!

Benefits of Traeger pellet barbecues

  • Great flavor . You will add a secret ingredient to your meals that will enhance the flavor: the 100% natural wood pellet that, when burned, brings out all the nuances of the food, providing greater flavor to your recipes. You will get very tasty results, with a pairing that you will love!
  • Quick ignition, without fumes or annoying odors in the clothes. Thanks to its powerful D2 transmission and TurboTemp technology, the Timberline heats up faster. The Downdraft Exhaust system effectively optimizes the circulation of smoke and heat around the food. The moment of lighting the barbecue, when the flame starts and the pellet begins to light, is the only one in which smoke is generated.
  • Exceptional ease of use . You do not need to be an expert in the art of barbecue, because its operation is very simple. With the pellet in the hopper, you just have to plug in the barbecue, indicate the temperature and press the power button, starting the automatic ignition and heating cycle.
  • Minimum consumption . To use your Traeger barbecue you will need a plug to connect it to, since it is an electric pellet barbecue. However, energy consumption is minimal. It is only necessary to activate the burner and keep the fan running.
  • Large space to cook . Its large capacity and its three grids allow you to cook even large pieces with their garnish.
  • Large capacity airtight hopper . The large deposit for the pellet allows you to keep cooking for hours, without having to worry about the amount of briquettes left. Its airtight lid helps keep the pellet safe from moisture.
  • Total control of the barbecue from anywhere . Thanks to its controls, as simple as those of an oven, and to WiFIRE® technology, originally created so that astronauts could cook on the moon, you will be able to control the temperature of the barbecue from anywhere and monitor the temperature of the food, add the super smoked function to whatever you are cooking, control the level of the pellet or set alarms and timers. You can be with friends or family while the barbecue cooks guided by you wherever you are. In addition, the app will provide you with access to more than 1,000 recipes, with step-by-step guidance when you need it.
  • Full temperature control . Thanks to the D2 controller, you can adjust the temperature you need for your recipe with great precision. From longer cooking at low temperatures to those that require less time or a higher temperature, from 75 °C to 260 °C. And you will be able to know the interior temperature at all times without having to lift the lid, since you will have it in view at all times on the control panel.
  • Triple enameled steel grid . It makes it easier to cook foods that need different temperatures and cooking times at the same time. Being removable, you can remove the top racks to cook large foods. And the lower rack can be placed in two positions: the lower one to seal the food and the upper one to smoke. And the grate stops favor the stability of the grates.
  • Barrel shape . The cylindrical body of the barbecue makes it easier for hot air to circulate inside the cooking chamber, surrounding the food with the heat of the pellet when it burns and producing homogeneous cooking.
  • Reliable and consistent results . The constant fire and temperatures make it possible for the results to be just as tasty every time. The only thing that will vary will be the pellet you choose to give a different aroma to the food each time.
  • Possibility of memorizing recipes. You can follow a recipe from the APP or by accessing the personalized ones on the barbecue with the Menu button. You can also cook as you like and save your best recipes in memory, up to a maximum of 4.
  • Very versatile . You will cook with it as you would in the oven, but with the extra flavor provided by the pellet. In addition to grilling meat, fish or vegetables, you can bake bread, empanadas or an apple pie, stew at a low temperature in your cocotte, roast with the smoking function to infuse that extra flavor, grill food or stew like you would in the kitchen.
  • Easy cleaning. The ash accumulates at the bottom of the barbecue and can be cleaned very easily.
  • Ideal throughout the year . The barbecue has double-walled stainless steel interior insulation that improves temperature consistency and pellet efficiency, no matter how cold it is. Any day will be a good day to cook on your barbecue, even in the dead of winter!
  • Timer function . A great help to remind you when to baste the meat, brush the ribs or put the vegetables on the grill. When it's time, it will notify you with an acoustic signal.
  • Super smoking function . At any time during cooking, you have the possibility of intensifying the smoked flavor and aroma of the food you are cooking, simply by pressing the button on the control panel or selecting this option from the application.
  • Keep warm function . With this function, as simple to activate as the super smoke function, the temperature of the barbecue will be maintained at 74°C, keeping food warm without overcooking it.
  • No risk of flames . Food is cooked with indirect heat. The fat falls into the tray that is under the grids and from there it goes to the fat collection bucket through the drainage tube, without coming into contact with the pellet at any time.
  • Space to cut and have everything at hand . It has two shelves, one on the side with hooks and the other wider on the front, both made of stainless steel, so that you can have all the utensils you need for cooking right there, as well as dressings or sauces for food. And it also has a magnetized bamboo cutting board that you can place on the lid of the pellet tank and that gives you an additional surface to work on.
  • Easy emptying of the hopper . When you want to change the type of pellet to cook with, you just have to lift the hatch located at the back of the tank for its exit.

There will be no recipe that you cannot make on the Timberline pellet barbecue, you can even cook the largest pieces! And you will be able to do it very efficiently , since its electrical consumption is minimal and very tasty , since the wood naturally enhances the flavor of the food. In addition to being very easy to use and always achieving perfect results, it is also a commitment to sustainability.

The Traeger Timberline Barbecue is available in two versions . The difference between the two lies in the dimensions of each model:

    • 129 cm high x 117 cm wide x 71 cm deep.
    • Grill dimensions:
      • Low: 55cm x 42cm
      • Medium: 55cm x 36cm
      • High: 55cm x 22cm
  • TIMBERLINE 1300:
    • 129 cm high x 147 cm wide x 71 cm deep.
    • Grill dimensions:
      • Low: 84cm x 42cm
      • Medium: 84cm x 36cm
      • High: 84cm x 22cm

With the Timberline you can enjoy a great barbecue with all your family. It has everything to be able to cook, enjoy and eat without missing a thing, in the easiest way, and with the most authentic wood-fired flavor you can imagine!

NOTE: Traeger pellets are FSC certified, sourced from responsibly harvested wood. Each wood provides a characteristic aroma and flavor, which enhance those of the food itself.

Characteristics of the Timberline Traeger barbecues:

  • Electric pellet barbecue.
  • Available in two versions:
    • TIMBERLINE 850
    • TIMBERLINE 1300
  • Robust and high quality, designed and manufactured for long durability.
  • Power: 10.5KW.
  • Minimum consumption.
  • Hopper capacity: 11 kg.
  • Maximum temperature 260º C.
  • TIMBERLINE D2 controller. Simple and intuitive control panel.
  • WiFIRE® technology that connects your barbecue with your smartphone. Access from the TRAEGER APP to control the functions from the mobile.
  • DIRECTOD2® drive powerful transmission that starts and heats faster.
  • TURBOTEMP® facilitates up to 60 temperature readings per minute with the probe*.
  • TRU CONVECTION® system, smoke and heat circulate inside as in a convection oven.
  • Functions:
    • super smoked
    • Keeping warm
    • Menu
    • timer
  • TRAEGER pellet sensor, which warns of the level of pellets in the hopper.
  • Double-walled stainless steel interior insulation.
  • Three levels of stainless steel grid.
  • Dual position lower rack for smoking/sealing.
  • Hidden grease tray.
  • Adjustable top shelf for optimal heat distribution
  • Stainless steel front shelf
  • Stainless steel side shelf with hooks
  • Magnetic bamboo cutting board.
  • Hopper emptying outlet
  • easel frame
  • Hook for power cable.
  • 2 locking wheels and 2 off-road wheels.
  • Measures:
    • TIMBERLINE 850:
      • 129 cm high x 117 cm wide x 71 cm deep.
      • Low grill dimensions: 55 cm x 42 cm
      • Medium grill dimensions: 55 cm x 36 cm
      • High grill dimensions: 55 cm x 22 cm
      • Weight: 97kg.
    • TIMBERLINE I300:
      • 129 cm high x 147 cm wide x 71 cm deep.
      • Low grill dimensions: 84 cm x 42 cm
      • Medium grill dimensions: 84 cm x 36 cm
      • High grill dimensions: 84 cm x 22 cm
      • Weight: 108kg.
  • Plug to connect the TREAGER Meat Probe.
  • Probe for reading the temperature included.
  • Storage compartment for the probe.
  • TRAEGER APP with more than a thousand recipes and step-by-step guided cooking.

Why we like the Traeger Timberline Barbecue

  1. It is perfect for large gatherings or larger families. Or if you like to cook with enough space for everything.
  2. It's not just a barbecue. You can roast, cook or braise in a casserole, bake bread, pizza or biscuits like in a wood oven, and smoke!
  3. It is very simple and intuitive to use, just like the oven at home.
  4. And much more efficient! Its consumption is minimal.
  5. You can manage it from your mobile so you don't miss a thing from the party. All a smart barbecue!
  6. You can choose pellets from different woods. The nuances in flavor are wonderful!
  7. It has the largest cooking surface and allows cooking at four levels.
  8. Nobody knows more about pellet barbecues than Traeger. The inventors and world number 1!

Trager's story

In 1985, Joe Traeger invented the first wood pellet barbecue, pioneering a movement that has revolutionized the shape and taste of outdoor cooking, defying the standards set by gas or charcoal. Currently, Trager is the leading brand with its pellet barbecues, the best sellers in the world, having a wide variety of designs, as well as different types of pellets with which to enhance the flavor of what is cooked.

Moved by their love for the 100% natural flavor of firewood and outdoor cooking that brings people together, during their more than 30 years of life they have perfected their barbecues, incorporating new technologies to facilitate their adaptation to new times and situations, ensuring that everyone, without being an expert, can enjoy a tastier, more sustainable and easier cuisine on a wood-burning barbecue, without missing a thing.

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