Zassenhaus Cutlery Organizer

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No more clutter in your drawers with the Zassenhaus Cutlery Organizer , a wooden separating tray with which you can keep your cutlery in order. And since the interior compartments are adjustable , if the forks need more space than the spoons or the knives, you won't have a problem!

The cutlery tray is divided into 5 interior compartments :

  • 3 compartments to place forks, soup spoons and knives. The dividers that divide these compartments can be easily adjusted, allowing you to delimit the space to your liking.
  • 1 longer compartment, for longer pieces, such as a bread knife, for example.
  • 1 smaller compartment, perfect for coffee spoons and dessert forks.

It is also a very elegant organizer for your party cutlery or to organize kitchen utensils that you use less frequently , such as decorating tweezers, spatulas to level the coverage of your cakes or fondant modeling tools.


  • Made of rubber wood.
  • Organizer box with 5 compartments.
  • 2 adjustable dividers.
  • Measurements: 39 cm (length) x 29 cm (width) x 4.5 cm (height)
  • Weight: 900g

Why we like the Zassenhaus Cutlery Organizer

  1. Finally the drawers in order! You will have everything in its place, finding what you need in no time and without unexpected injuries.
  2. The 3 compartments for spoons, forks and knives have adjustable dividers.
  3. It is so beautiful that it is ideal both for your daily cutlery and for Sunday cutlery.
  4. It is perfect for organizing the utensils that you use less frequently. Even for your pens in the office!

History of Zassenhaus

Born in 1867 in Tönishheide (Rhineland), Zassenhaus has been designing and manufacturing kitchen accessories for more than 150 years that are distinguished by their strength, beauty and technical precision, including the considered best coffee grinder back.

Its high-quality products are designed to be enjoyed in the kitchen and while cooking. Experts in grinders, both those with a crank for coffee and those for salt, pepper and various spices, are designed with the aim of extracting all the aroma of each bean during grinding.

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