Set of 4 Verona Crystalline Maxwell&Williams glasses

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The Set of 4 Verona Crystalline Maxwell&Williams glasses is a set of 4 elegant 225 ml wine glasses . Its vintage-inspired design stands out for its embossed diamond-cut band that will make reds, rosés and whites shine alike.

In addition, its beautiful geometric stem and conical cup enhance the beauty of these pieces. They have so much charm, that you will want to always have them on the table and watch how they shine under the light, making each wine something exceptional.

Strong and robust, they are made of Crystalline glass, of great quality and transparency. Its beautiful embossed band with geometric details will capture all eyes due to its brightness and the perfection of its carving. The elegant box in which it is presented makes this set an ideal gift.


  • Set of 4 wine glasses.
  • 225 ml glass cups.
  • Height: 20.5cm.
  • Goblet diameter: 8.5 cm.
  • Geometric stem and conical calyx.
  • The glasses are presented in an elegant box .
  • Made of Crystalline glass, very bright and durable.
  • Parts suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Made in Italy.

NOTE: Claudia&Julia have been the first to discover this brand that is just entering Europe, after the success achieved in other countries, due to its exceptional quality, design and exceptionality. You will find them exclusively in Spain in our store.

Why we like the Set of 4 Verona Crystalline Maxwell&Williams glasses

  1. They are beautiful pieces, with a very elegant design and vintage air.
  2. Its design, both the stem, as well as the shape of the calyx and its geometric diamond-cut band in relief, is wonderful.
  3. They have an impressive brightness and transparency.
  4. They are made to resist and last a long time .
  5. They are ideal for all your wines.

The history of Maxwell&Williams

Maxwell & Williams, is an Australian company born in 1996, which is present in more than 40 markets around the world.

Exceptional quality and affordability are the principles on which they have been based since they entered the market, with pieces for all occasions, made with the best materials.

The company has focused great efforts on working on specific thematic collections with the most appropriate artist. Thus, each of their collections conveys, in their prints and drawings, the message they want to convey while turning their pieces into authentic works of art and with their own style.

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