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One, two and three! Because there are three pieces included in the Set of 3 Classic Kaiser WMF moulds . A set of three non-stick coated steel molds with which you can prepare bread, biscuits, bundts, puddings, plumcakes or savory cakes. Some great molds, made in Germany , that guarantee uniform baking and quick and clean demoulding . A great set!

Thanks to its great value for money, Kaiser is the number 1 brand for cake pans in Germany . Despite having arrived in Spain relatively recently, it has a great prestige built throughout its history in its more than 100 years of history .

The set of 3 molds is made up of three of the most used models and with which you will obtain fantastic results, thanks to the optimal heat conduction of the steel, and with a perfect presentation, thanks to its great non-stick coating that facilitates unmolding. :

  • The 30 cm Inspiration Rectangular Pan . A large, large-capacity mould, with which you can prepare breads, terrines, plumcakes, biscuits, savory cakes, both from the oven and from the fridge, or wonderful puddings. It is a traditional mould, a wardrobe essential that cannot be missing when preparing your recipes.
  • The 26cm Inspiration Round Pan with removable base . Thanks to its clamp system, you will be able to unmold the biscuits more quickly and comfortably. This mold is also ideal for any fridge or freezer recipe, such as mousse cakes or cold cheese cakes due to its practical opening system.
  • The 22 cm Inspiration bundt pan . The crown or savarin mold is perfect for you to bake some wonderful bundt cakes with a very elegant appearance, thanks to its design with geometric shapes. Any cold dessert, such as an ice cream cake or a panna cotta, will look beautiful when prepared with this mould.

It is a very complete set , with which you can enjoy baking and preparing a wide variety of recipes with high-quality moulds . They are all made of steel, which guarantees a fantastic distribution of heat, and with an excellent non-stick coating. They are made in Germany, by the hands of an expert like Kaiser.


  • Set of 3 pieces , consisting of 3 of the most used molds:
    • Rectangular mold 33 cm long x 10 cm wide x 8 cm high.
    • 26 cm round mold with removable base and clamp closure.
    • 22 cm bundt mold with geometric relief design.
  • Made of steel with an excellent PFOA-free non-stick coating.
  • Oven safe. Maximum temperature 230º C.
  • Lightly grease before introducing the food for perfect unmolding.
  • Do not use with metal utensils.
  • Hand wash with mild sponge and detergent.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 3 years warranty.

Why we like the Classic Kaiser WMF Pan Set of 3

  1. It is a most complete and wonderful set!
  2. You can bake any recipe with them and also desserts and cold preparations.
  3. The quality of its materials is excellent.
  4. The molds are made of steel, which distributes the heat evenly, ensuring perfect baking.
  5. Its non-stick is wonderful, very reinforced.
  6. Nothing sticks and it is very easy to clean!
  7. The clamp opening system of the round mold is ideal!

NOTE: Its coating ensures you maintain its non-stick properties for many years despite being exposed to very high temperatures, but it is important not to use metal objects so as not to scratch it.

Kaiser 's story

With more than 100 years of history, the German firm Kaiser is a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality molds and utensils for pastry. Since its birth, in 1919, the manufacture of all its articles is carried out in Germany.

Due to its catalog and the high quality of its products, WMF acquired Kaiser in 2002. A symbol of prestige, its range of articles retains the Kaiser name despite being fully under the WMF offer. In its catalog you will find all the essential products for the preparation of all types of pastries, with optimal results.

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Alicia S.G.G.
Me encantan

Me gustan mucho y muy prácticos

Muy prácticos!!

Très moldes estupendos de gran tamaño. Sólo he estrenado el redondo. El desmoldado ha sido perfecto. El molde ha quedado limpio

Elena B.C.
Set Moldes kaiser

Me han encantado ,en tres tamaños diferentes que vienen genial ,para más o menos comensales ,se desmoldan genial todo un acierto el set