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The Mepal Cheese Container is perfect for cheese lovers. Practical and versatile, its transparent lid seals perfectly, keeping the cheeses in perfect condition. It even makes sure the cheeses retain their original aromas! And the base is a cutting board ideal for bringing your various cheeses to the table and slicing them.

Its transparent nature means you will see its contents without having to take it out of the fridge or lift the lid. It allows you to store all kinds of cheeses without their smell invading the fridge, including Cabrales, Raclette, Munster or Roquefort. It is also ideal for storing cold meats and sausages.

In addition, since it does not contain wooden elements, it resists moisture, both from the cheeses and from the fridge itself, meaning it doesn’t get damaged over time.

It is very practical, since when you lift the lid you have a board, perfect for cutting and serving the cheese or sausage directly at the table. And what's left is put back in the fridge just by putting the hood back on.


  • Measurements: 27.1 cm (length) x 17.4 cm (width) x 10.3 cm (height)
  • Weight: 573.9g
  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Material: acrylic plastic
  • 100% BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for freezers or microwaves
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 2-year warranty

Why we love Mepal's Modula Cheese Container

  1. It is a "2 in 1". You have a cheese container and at the same time a board to cut and serve your cheeses and sausages.
  2. The lid seals when closed, so the smell of cheese doesn't impregnate the fridge. Your strongest cheeses won't leave a trace!
  3. You will always know how much cheese you have left without having to lift the lid or take the cheese container out of the fridge.
  4. It is very practical. You can store the cheese, slice it, bring it to the table, and store it again without using anything other than the cheese container (and a knife!).
  5. It is fridge-friendly and moisture resistant.

History of Mepal

Founded in the Netherlands in 1950, Mepal has been offering simple and practical solutions for more than 70 years to make everyday life easier in a sustainable way.

Offering a wide variety of very high quality products and with the aim of making people and the environment happy, they will make your kitchen more organised than ever.

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Customer Reviews

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Quesera Modula Mepal

Patricia V.
Muy buen producto

Es ligera, bonita, amplia y moderna. Cabe bien en la nevera y queda muy bien en la mesa. Caben varios quesos y también me sirve para poner embutidos junto con los quesos. Muy contenta con la compra.

Quesera Modula Nepal

Se ajusta a las expectativas que tenía
Cabe en la nevera y no necesito sacar una tabla para cortar el queso. Muy útil

Mari C.
Quesera Modula Mepal

Lo que buscaba para almacenar todas mis cuñas de queso en la nevera sin que se sequen

Sonia A.C.

Me gusta mucho, por poner una pega o una mejora. No encaja herméticamente.