Low ceramic mold for cake 30 cm

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This Emile Henry ceramic cake and quiche mold is perfect for making delicious cakes and tarts in the most traditional way possible , cooked in ceramic as it has always been done and free of non-stick, with a ceramic mold.

Emile Henry ceramic molds provide the optimal conditions to obtain the ideal baking of our cakes.

The vitreous ceramic is resistant to cuts and the heat is distributed slowly and evenly, perfectly cooking our recipes. With an excellent presentation, we can bring the cake to the table directly in the mold, keeping it warm for longer. It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

It is a mold with many possibilities . You can make both sweet recipes, such as cakes or savory recipes, as well as quiches.

What distinguishes Emile Henry ceramics

  • Thanks to its exclusive use of ecological and natural products, Due to its artisanal manufacturing process , Emile Henry pottery is a very healthy utensil for cooking.
  • Ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser so we will achieve a smooth and progressive cooking.
  • Their non-porous enameled prevents the absorption of odors or tastes.
  • It is very resistant to small bumps that are usually produced in the kitchen.
  • It can clean in the dishwasher without altering its properties or color.

Why we like the Emile Henry short ceramic cake pan

  1. Cakes and pastries prepared in ceramic molds have gentle and progressive cooking for best results.
  2. Thanks to their beautiful design, they are ideal for you to Bake and serve directly in the same mold.
  3. It is the sea of ​​beautiful.
  4. You will be able to make both cakes and quiches. It is a very versatile mold.


Diameter Height
30cm 5cm

The story of Emile Henry

emily henry is a French company that has been manufacturing items for the kitchen of high quality ceramic and with a 10-year guarantee. With great international prestige, it is currently present in more than 50 countries.

Its delicate artisan manufacturing process is based on the use of Burgundy clay cooked at more than 2000 ºC , to which a natural finishing enamel is then manually applied.

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Customer Reviews

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Molde perfecto

Cocina y se limpia muy bien. Es muy bonito .

Samuel P.

Molde cerámico bajo para tarta 30 cm

Marta C.d.R.

Como siempre vuestros productos tienen siempre gran relación calidad-precio ! Enhorabuena