Gastronorm Efficient Bra Tray

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The Bra Gastronorm Efficient Tray is an ideal source to cook your recipes efficiently. Made of cast aluminum and with an exceptional quality non-stick coating, this wonderful roaster is suitable for baking and cooking on the fire any dish with which you want to impress your guests.

It is a high quality, robust and durable tray, perfect for your oven recipes . Both roast meat and fish, as well as vegetables, to prepare cannelloni or lasagna, or to gratin, as well as bake biscuits, cakes, focaccias, pizzas or breads.

When you want to prepare your recipes on the fire, it is ideal for preparing large quantities. Or to cook fish, skewers or a variety of vegetables on the grill, with very little oil and without anything sticking thanks to its wonderful non-stick

And if you want to complement both options, it is very practical for those recipes whose elaboration requires a first step in the fire, before finishing them in the oven without dirtying anything else (sealing a meat, roasting some vegetables...). A single tool for all steps is very practical!


  • Made of cast aluminum extremely resistant to deformation (6 mm thick base)
  • High quality Teflon Platinum Plus non-stick coating, very durable and 100% PFOA free.
  • Full induction bottom compatible with all heat sources including induction
  • External measurement: 36 cm x 26 cm x 6.4 cm
  • Internal measurement: 29 cm x 23 cm x 6.4 cm
  • 17.7 cm diffuser bottom

Why we like Bra's Efficient Gastronorm Tray

  1. It is a most versatile tray. It allows you to cook on the fire and also in the oven.
  2. It is ideal for recipes that require a first step in the fire and a finish in the oven. You can do it all at the source without dirtying anything else.
  3. Its non-stick allows you to cook in a healthy way, with very little oil and without anything sticking.
  4. It is robust, durable, easy to use and very easy to clean. What more could you want?

bra's story

The firm Bra is a manufacturer of Spanish origin of utensils and kitchenware with more than 50 years of experience in stainless steel and aluminum products, with high quality and attractive design.

It has a factory located in Valls (Tarragona), where cookware, frying pans, pressure cookers, coffee makers and catering items are manufactured.

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Buena calidad y para usar mucho coda de usar tu de fregar