KitchenAid Heavy Duty food processor (4.8 - 6.9 litres)

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A KitchenAid food processor is a life-long investment .

What does Heavy Duty mean?

  • That the all-in-one blender, mixer, and kneader, is designed for intensive use and; is the perfect kitchen tool for home bakers and pastry chefs.

NOTE! Remember that all Claudia&Julia KitchenAid processors are official products from the official distributor KitchenAid Spain, and come with all the manufacturer's guarantee in this country.

What makes Heavy Duty different

This KitchenAid model has all the same functions as the classic KitchenAidbatidora Artisan, but also has additional features:

  1. It provides una greater stability for intensive use thanks to its side arms, which support it firmly and allow the mixing bowl to be positioned at different heights.
  2. In addition, it has higher performance in terms of speed and bowl size, with two capacity and power versions:
    • 4.8 L / 315 W
    • 6.9 L / 500 W

What you can do with it

Its power is distributed in 10 speeds designed for all kinds of recipes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones:

  • 1: Slowly stirring the ingredients together: binding, mashing, mixing, etc. For adding flour and dry ingredients to mixtures, adding liquids to dry ingredients and binding thick mixtures.
  • 2-3: Slowly mixing together: ideal for making mashed potato or other vegetables, for making sweets, dispersing fat in flour, making thin, liquid mixtures that splash easily, and for mixing and kneading leavened doughs.
  • 4-5: Mixing and whisking: for semi-thick mixtures, e.g. for whipping sugar and fat, and for adding sugar to egg whites to make meringues. Medium speed for cake mixing.
  • 6-7: Whisking vigorously: making creams at medium-fast speed.
  • 8-9: Fast whipping or mixing: whipping cream, egg whites and meringues, Italian sauces or stews.
  • 10: Very fast mixing: rapidly mixing small quantities of cream or egg whites.


While similar products from other brands rely on high speed combined with relatively low power to achieve a specific power output, KitchenAid products work at a slower speed, but with greater base power, so we achieve a lower power consumption with a higher efficiency.

Why we like it

What can we say, the entire range of KitchenAid mixers / dough mixers is a classic . And their long-lasting nature is a sign of their quality, they never go out of fashion!

As versatile as all KitchenAid products and not forgetting the company's timeless design , it’s as beautiful as it is practical.


  • Flat beater or paddle: for normal to thick textured mixtures: cake and biscuit doughs, icings, sweets, mashed potato, cake bases, etc.
  • Kneading hook: for mixing and kneading enriched and leavened doughs: especially for breads, rolls and pastries.
  • Whisking rod: essential for mixtures that need to be mixed with air, such as the whipping of egg whites or cream, the fluffing of sponge cake doughs, thick creams, mayonnaise and meringues.
  • Anti-splash lid: with a pouring spout for ingredients.

Technical features

  • Potencia:
    • 4.8 L capacity model: 315 W
    • 6.9 L model capacity: 500 W
  • Direct transmission
  • Rotary movement with 59 contact points which ensures meticulous mixing of all ingredients
  • Speed: 58 to 220 rpm (4.8L model) and 40 to 200 rpm (6.9L model)
  • Metal structure
  • Functional lid included
  • Stainless steel bowl with handles, mixer, whisking rod and dough hook
  • Sturdy side arms to hold the bowl.

Historia de KitchenAid

Following the launch and success of the iconic KitchenAid food processor in 1919, KitchenAid has been dedicated to revolutionising the world of household appliances through a multitude of high-performance kitchen appliances. They all bear the hallmarks of attention to detail, high quality, versatile technology and timeless design. It is the only brand of household appliances dedicated exclusively to making products for the kitchen, as they are the great experts and recognised connoisseurs of the kitchen.

Opinions and questions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Imma P.
El Ferrari de las amasadoras!

Estoy muy contenta con el robot amasador heavy dutty de Kitchenaid! Es una pasada! Puedo amasar sin problemas cualquier tipo de masas! La quería sobretodo para las densas, pan, empanadas… la recomiendo encarecidamente! Muy satisfecha con la compra!

Montserrat C.S.
Muy satisfecha

Estoy muy contenta con el resultado. Hago mucho pan y va genial en el amasado. He usado todos los accesorios y son muy buenos. Satisfecha con la compra. Muy recomendable.

Esther E.e.

Me gusta un montón estuve dudando con que modelo pedir pero este me va genial por que solo sube el cubilete y así no choca con los muebles de arriba de la cocina es una maravilla gracias

Jennifer A.
Kitchenead heavy duty la mejor!

Es un aparato excelente, maravilloso me hace el trabajo súper fácil. Apenas hace ruido me sorprendió por el gran poder del motor!.
Sin miedo a que se rompa o se atasque como me paso con otra de supuesta buena calidad, tiene una fuerza impresionante y sin calentamientos que desacelera mi trabajo. Además de la capacidad de batido!.
Estoy encantada!! No puede faltarme nunca más.
Gracias por el servicio prestado hasta ahora.

Carmen F.S.

Potente, robusta, elegante, silenciosa, gran capacidad. Solamente me gustaría encontrar una funda bonita para cubrirla cuando no la use, porque mi máquina es blanca y mi cocina tiene mucha luz y sol y no me gustaría que se pusiera amarilla

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