Book "Cocina en olla exprés", by Claudia Ferrer (Spanish version)

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We have done the cookbook "Cocina en olla exprés" at Claudia&Julia and under the publishing house Cúpula (Grupo Planeta), with the intention of showing how to get the most out of pressure cookers, learning to cook in them through various recipes of traditional Spanish gastronomy.

The book has been lovingly prepared by Claudia Ferrer (Claudia&Julia) and Leti Iglesias (Revelando Sabores). In the first part of the book, we help you understand how a pressure cooker works, its benefits and, very importantly, what to take into account to adapt any regular recipe in your kitchen to the pressure cooker.

Below, you will find a lot of recipes made in an express pot, with a clear and detailed step-by-step so that you can cook a lot of varied recipes in record time, both first courses (legumes, soups, vegetables, rice, pasta,... ), as main courses (assorted meats and fish) and desserts (from rice pudding to a delicious cheesecake).

Guidelines to take into account for steam cooking are also included, and you will also find in the book various recipes to make steam in pressure cooker.

From garlic soup to veal tail, through pea cream, garlic broccoli, Zamora style rice, octopus with potatoes, rosemary rabbit, Galician hake or delicious custard... And so on up to 49. With this book you will lose the fear of cooking in a pressure cooker, you will learn how to adapt your recipes to it and you will prepare some dishes that will be delicious.

In addition, the book includes the foreword by the renowned chef Dolorss Mateu, to whom we are enormously grateful for supporting the project and cooking in a fast pot.

Claudia's note to you: I hope you enjoy her recipes and other content, and that it is your essential guide both to survive the lack of time on a day-to-day basis and to prepare master recipes the day you have guests at home.

Why have we made this book?

This book has been made so that you can prepare recipes for our traditional cuisine in record time, and learn to adapt your own recipes to this great kitchen utensil.

When you learn how to use a slow cooker, you can do without almost any other utensil in the kitchen! We wanted to help you understand all the possibilities of the pressure cooker, understand how it works, have many basic cupboard recipes to make in a few minutes, and thus learn to adapt your own recipes to use it in your day to day life.

We believe that there is a lot of lack of information on how to take advantage of the fast cooker. Many times the pressure cooker is simply related to cooking soups and vegetables, but far from that the pressure cooker is a utensil with which you can cook from rice, pasta, meat and fish and all kinds of desserts, through legumes, creams, stews... and even steamed biscuits.

Do the recipes work for any pressure cooker?

That's the idea! We have elaborated, tried and failed all the recipes in the book with the same pressure cooker to have all the standardized times. From here, we have included in the book some guidelines to adapt the recipes both from the traditional pot to the fast one and from a fast pot to a super fast one.

NOTE: All the recipes have been made in the Perfect WMF pressure cooker, as it is a super fast pressure cooker and one of the best sellers in Europe. If you have that or any other super fast pot, you should not need to change the times indicated in the book. If you have a standard pressure cooker, you will have to increase the cooking times by a few minutes, I will tell you about it in the book.

Why we like the book "Cocina en olla exprés"

  1. It helps you understand all the potential that a pressure cooker has (You will make countless recipes in it!)
  2. It is a very complete recipe book, with 49 very varied recipes and with a very clear step by step.
  3. It offers you the necessary knowledge to be able to adapt your own daily recipes to the fast cooker.
  4. You will learn how to steam cook in the pressure cooker ... and you will enjoy some delicious and healthy recipes using this technique.

Technical characteristics:

  • Publisher: CUPULA EDITIONS
  • Year of edition:2020
  • ISBN: 978-84-480-2788-9
  • Pages:160
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: Spanish
  • Edition: 3rd

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Begoña P.R.
Cocina en olla exprés

Recetas muy asequibles, me gusta cocinar en olla exprés, ganas tiempo y calidad en la cocina. Me gusta mucho

Marta D.R.
Libro cocina en olla expres

Muy interesante !!!

Rosa M.Q.M.

El contenido de este libro es de mucha utilidad, tiene unas recetas muy innovadoras y son muy eficaces para ser utilizada en la olla exprés con el consiguiente ahorro de tiempo y energia.
Me habría gustado que viniesen más recetas.

Cocina en olla exprés", por Claudia Ferrer (¡3era edición!)

Es justo lo que quería

Cocina en olla exprés

Me ha gustado, me ha parecido útil y me ha dado ideas para no trabajar mucho cuando tengo invitados

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