KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Cutlery Organizer

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Forks, spoons, knives or spatulas; With the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Cutlery Organizer , no more clutter in your drawer! Its five compartments will help you to always have your cutlery in its place, while its vintage look fills your drawers with charm.

Made of heavy-duty iron wire and finished in a beautiful gray colour, it is designed to fit easily into most kitchen drawers. It has five compartments:

  • Three equal sized compartments to arrange and separate forks, knives and table spoons.
  • A longer compartment , for pieces with a handle or longer, such as wooden spatulas, silicone tongues or bread knives.
  • A smaller compartment , which is perfect for dessert spoons, coffee spoons or dessert forks and knives.

It is also a very elegant organizer for your party cutlery or to always have in order the utensils that you do not use so often , such as the pizza cutter, the platting and decorating tongs, or the spatulas for cake and tart toppings.


  • Gray iron wire cutlery organizer.
  • Great resistance.
  • It has 5 compartments.
  • Measurements: 36 cm long x 26.5 cm wide x 5 cm high.
  • 12 months warranty.

Why we like the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Cutlery Organizer

  1. It has a most charming vintage air.
  2. Order in the kitchen is essential and with this organizer, it's done!
  3. Its five compartments help you to separate the cutlery in a useful way.
  4. It is perfect for all kitchens, it looks good wherever it is placed!

KitchenCraft History

KitchenCraft was founded in 1850 as Thomas Plant, specializing in the manufacture and wholesale of hardware and household products. In 1996, after adopting their current name, they began to establish themselves as market leaders in all kinds of products and accessories for the kitchen and home.

Today it is part of Lifetime Brands Inc, the world's leading provider of cookware, dinnerware and other household items. This guarantees KitchenCraft the security of having all the resources, so that its products can reach the whole world.

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