New Life Kuhn Rikon Frying Pan

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The New Life Kuhn Rikon Frying Pan is the high-end non-stick frying pan with which the Swiss brand gives aluminum a second life . Sustainable, efficient and made in Switzerland , the 100% recycled aluminum of the body of each of these pans is a much more resistant and durable material , and with a lower environmental impact.

The New Life range of frying pans was born as a result of a Kuhn Rikon project that emerged 3 years ago, with the aim of transforming aluminum from soft drink cans and window frames into excellent quality frying pans , recovering, after 35 years, manufacturing of aluminum pans at its Swiss headquarters.

With its timeless design and clean lines, the New Life is much more than just a nonstick pan :

  • Provides optimal heat distribution and retention , thanks to its 5 mm thick base with full diffusing surface , which distributes it evenly, and keeps it longer.
  • The 100% recycled aluminum from Europe of the body of the pans is a material of superior quality to the new aluminum , with better properties. It is non-deformable and more stable, offers better use of energy and has greater resistance and durability .
  • You will be able to cook in a healthier way , with less oil thanks to the high quality of its 3-layer non-stick coating , highly reinforced with ceramic and with a base thickness of 8 mm , for greater durability, in accordance with the body of the pan.
  • It has a water-repellent coating , which facilitates cleaning and allows greater time and water savings.
  • You can cook with it on any stove, including induction. It is also suitable for the oven, at a maximum temperature of 220 °C .
  • Its ergonomic and thick bakelite handle , which facilitates the grip and insulates from the heat while you cook with it on the fire.
  • All this makes them very versatile pans , perfect both for frying an egg and for roasting any food or cooking in a healthy, efficient and fast way .
  • New Life pans are made in Switzerland . For the first time in 35 years, an aluminum product is manufactured at Kuhn Rikon's headquarters in Switzerland with great technical work and the excellent quality that has always characterized the brand.
  • Your warranty is 5 years .

With the New Life pans, Kuhn Rikon has thought of everything so that you can cook efficiently, quickly and healthily, and to make cleaning them easy and convenient . Some high-end pans that represent savings both in their manufacture and in their use. All a success!

Kuhn Rikon revives pan manufacturing in Switzerland with the New Life line, pans with 100% recycled aluminum bodies from Europe . Its production requires 95% less energy, considerably reducing CO2 emissions . The material obtained turns out to be a non-deformable aluminium, with greater resistance and durability.

In addition, the packaging is made from 100% recycled paper , fully in line with the objective of the Swiss brand with the New Life pan manufacturing project: to create a very low impact on the environment .


  • 100% recycled aluminum pans from Europe with triple-layer non-stick coating.
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Greater strength and durability than new aluminum.
  • Undeformable and more stable.
  • Optimum distribution and maintenance of heat.
  • 5 mm thick diffuser base with full diffuser bottom and 100% inductor.
  • Highly ceramic-reinforced non-stick coating layers.
  • Water repellent coating. Easy to clean, saving time and water.
  • Thick and heat-insulating bakelite handle for cooking on the fire.
  • Suitable for all stoves, including induction.
  • Suitable for use in the oven, maximum 220 ºC (in the oven the handle can be heated).
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Hand washing with a sponge and non-abrasive soaps is recommended.
  • 5 year warranty.


top diam. diam. license plate Height overall length Weight
20cm 21.6cm 13cm 5.2cm 38.5cm 710g
24cm 10" 17cm 5.5cm 44.5cm 1.01kg
28cm 29.6cm 21cm 5.8cm 47.5cm 1,405kg

Why we like the Kuhn Rikon New Life Skillet

  1. They are made from 100% recycled aluminum from Europe.
  2. Every can you drink and recycle will be part of a new generation of pans.
  3. They are made in Switzerland, with all the Kuhn Rikon quality!
  4. Its 5-year guarantee ensures that it is a great, durable and resistant pan.
  5. Its distribution and maintenance of heat is very efficient.
  6. Stronger and more durable than new aluminum, recycled aluminum construction has a lower environmental impact.
  7. Its water-repellent surface aids in quick and easy cleanup.
  8. Suitable even for the oven at 220ºC. You can cook everything with hardly any oil.

The Kuhn Rikkon story

Kuhn Rikon manufactures cookware in Switzerland with a long tradition dating back to 1899 . It currently maintains its headquarters in Rikon (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain and the United States. Its Duromatic brand is synonymous with quality pressure cookers throughout the world, but it also manufactures all kinds of high quality kitchen utensils that allow an efficient and healthy kitchen.

In addition to the recognized Swiss quality of its products, its passion for design has led it to obtain prestigious design awards , including the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has recognized the good execution of his design and sells select Kuhn Rikon products in his own store.

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Customer Reviews

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María d.C.
Sarten new life kuhn rikon

Muy buena adquisición, tamaño ideal, reparte muy bien el calor y muy buen antiadherente. Sé que me va a durar años.

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