De Buyer Vantage Mandoline

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The De Buyer Vantage, is a stainless steel mandolin with which you can cut fruit, vegetables and even sausages easily and safely. The V-shaped blade design ensures a clean and precise cut, without tearing, on both hard and soft foods. And it is so complete that you can even grate!

The V-shaped blades allow you to cut without crushing the pieces. Inspired by the cutting technique of professional chefs, it is ideal for fruit or vegetables such as tomatoes, as the cut is made progressively from the sides, being held in place and sliding along the blade until the end, smoothly and without tearing.  

With this professional kitchen grinder there will be no cut you can't make, simply by adjusting the height or changing the combs. Its folding feet and storage box for accessories allow you to keep it close at hand for everyday use.

Do you need ideas on how to use it? Check out what you can do with it:

  • Adjust the height to the minimum to have a chips cutter, nice and thin and crispy when frying.
  • For your salads and carpaccios, by simply adjusting the cutting height to the height you prefer, you will have a quick and very efficient fruit and vegetable slicer.
  • If you want to cut potatoes into strips, adjust the height and use the 10 mm julienne comb for perfect fries or the 7 mm one if you want them thinner.
  • Use the mandolin to cut vegetables into finer julienne strips, fitting the 4 mm comb. In a moment you will have the ingredients ready for a delicious wok.
  • Place the grating base on the mandolin to grate vegetables, fruit, chocolate or even cheese.
  • Use the graters without the mandolin. They are ideal for adding the finishing touch when serving your dishes, grating a little nutmeg into vichyssoise or chocolate into cappuccino.
  • It is a food cutter perfect for preparing a snack of the most appetising cold meats and cold cuts.
  • Using the De Buyer Extra Long Cuts Attachment for Revolution Mandoline you can cut fruits and vegetables into extra long strips, slices and sticks. 


  • Dimensions: 50 cm (length) x 15 cm (width) x 20 cm (height).
  • Weight: 1.83 kg.
  • Made in France.
  • Stainless steel mandolin.
  • Fast adjustment dial from 1 to 10 mm.
  • Incorporates a magnetic storage box with accessories to make different cuts: 4 interchangeable V-shaped combs for 2 mm, 4 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm julienne cuts and 3 graters that can be fitted into the sliding surface.
  • Incorporates guard to safely cut even small pieces.
  • Types of cut: Smooth slices and julienne.
  • Folding and non-slip feet, to ensure stability when cutting.
  • Hand wash.

Why we love the Vantage De Buyer Mandoline

  • It is a professional kitchen mandolin, made of stainless steel, built to last for many years and to make kitchen work easier. 
  • Its V-shaped blade cuts exceptionally well and is ideal for all types of food, both soft and hard.
  • It is a perfect kitchen mandolin for slicing, julienne slicing in 2, 4, 7 and 10 mm thickness and grating vegetables, cheese or chocolate.
    1. It is a safe and well thought-out mandolin. It has non-slip feet and a handle for a firm grip. The ergonomic protector will help you with precision, avoiding injuries.
    2. Thanks to its folding feet and magnetised storage box for accessories, it takes up little space. it's perfect to keep on hand and use every day!

    The history of De Buyer

     De Buyer is a family-owned company.Founded in 1830 in Le Val d'Ajol (France), De Buyer is a family-owned company dedicated to the manufacture of kitchenware for professionals and fine dining restaurants worldwide. With over 180 years of experience in metal processing, this manufacturer currently has more than 2000 products in its catalogue and exports to 95 countries. span>École Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l'École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Francisco G.M.
    Muy buena adquisición.

    Me gusta mucho; es una gran mandolina que te ofrece muchas posibilidades de corte. La hemos usado poco todavía, porque ha sido regalo de Reyes, pero estoy segura de que va aser una grsn aliada en la cocina.

    Maria M.


    Quico R.i.A.
    Em genera molts dubtes

    El tall en UVE no m'acaba de convèncer perquè deixa marcada la uve al producte. Mesurar el gruix és difícil per igual a les dues parts. Potser em falta pràctica però estava acostumat en una de tall recte i la trobava més eficient

    Ana R.

    Me defraudó la palanca para ajustar el corte a "ojímetro" que no es nada fácil y sí ocupa mucho espacio.
    No la veo practica para el día a día de usar y limpiar. De hecho la he devuelto.

    Hola Ana.

    Lamentamos mucho que el producto no haya sido de tu agrado.
    Lo tendremos en cuenta para próximos productos en nuestra tienda.

    Muchas gracias y un saludo.

    Equipo Claudia&Julia

    Reina L.R.M.
    Muy buena compra!

    Ha sido una buena compra, justo lo que esperaba de ella y el servicio de Claudia & Julia, como siempre, excelente!

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