De Buyer Mineral B Iron Paella Pan 32 cm

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The De Buyer Mineral B iron paella pan is perfect for homemade and healthy cooking.

  1. Handcrafted in iron,
  2. Without using chemicals or strange coatings or heavy metals,
  3. With an exceptional thickness that allows for excellent temperature distribution to achieve a perfect paella.
  4. It is treated with a layer of beeswax that protects the pan and gives it a naturally non-stick surface.
  5. In addition to paellas, it is ideal for grilling.
  6. Suitable for all heat sources including induction and
  7. You can put the whole pan in the oven (it can go in the oven at 200°C for ten minutes). 

Note: For cooking and resting the rice, you can use the universal stainless steel lid for De Buyer pans or the ILSA stainless steel lid.

Why we like the Iron Paella Pan 

  1. The De Buyer iron distributes the heat so well over the entire surface that all food is evenly cooked and browned, so you won't find any uncooked rice grains.
  2. It’s indestructible. It will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.
  3. Since it is oven safe, it is perfect for cooking au gratin or adding a touch of extra spice to your recipes.
Things to Know About De Buyer Mineral B Iron Pans
  • De Buyer pans are made in France, and they are the only ones with a purity certificate of over 99% iron. The best!
  • They are iron pans, so they can rust. How to prevent it? Avoid prolonged contact with water, don't let them air dry: simply dry them with a cloth after washing. If you want, you can leave them on low heat for a few minutes again to completely remove the moisture while finishing cooking (it's a very easy trick to follow and very useful).
  • If you're going to leave them unused for many days, you can apply a little oil and spread it over the surface with a paper towel, but it's not essential.
  • Before the first use, it's very interesting to season them. This seasoning makes them more naturally non-stick. Seasoning is super simple to do. Watch the video among the photos to learn how to do it.
  • You have a pan for a lifetime! You can scrub it with a soft sponge, or wash it with soap if needed to remove food, and nothing will happen to the pan! (there's no non-stick coating to damage). They can turn black, uniformly or in patches. Don't worry, the blacker they get, the better they will perform.
  • If rust spots appear, rub with a paper towel with oil, and you'll see how it magically disappears. If the rusted area is larger, use soap without fear. Nothing will happen; it's a completely iron pan: under the iron layer, there's more iron.
  • If you've had to scrub it with soap or if you simply feel like it, you can season it again, but it's not essential to do it regularly.


Upper Diameter Base diameter Servings Weight Height
32 cm 23 cm 4 2.6 Kg 5.8 cm


The history of De Buyer

Founded in 1830 in Le Val d'Ajol (France), De Buyer is a family-owned company that manufactures kitchenware for professionals and haute cuisine restaurants all over the world. With more than 2000 products available to buy today, it exports to 95 countries. Well-known in French gastronomic circles, De Buyer collaborates with such prestigious cooking schools such as l’École Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l’École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l’École Ferrandi.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Trinidad P.M.
Sartén tortillas

De momento la he usado poco, cuatro o cinco veces. Seguí las instrucciones de curado de la sartén de la web, pero las dos primeras veces se me enganchó todo. Así que decidí leer todas las opiniones a ver si encontraba algún consejo que me ayudara, y la verdad es que me ha funcionado.
Varios compradores hablaban de lo importante que es calentar bien y lentamente la sartén, y cuando la sartén esté bien caliente añadir el aceite, esperar a que este se caliente, y a continuación poner lo que queremos cocinar.
He de decir que en mi caso, que tengo inducción, a partir de seguir estos consejos, ya no se me ha vuelto a enganchar nada.

Oriol P.M.
Una paella que espera dar mucho los domingos

Acabado impecable y uso increíble


Tengo que cogerle el truco, pero muy contento con la compra


Sölo la he utilizado 1 vez con una fideuá y se nota la diferencia con la anterior que era BRA

Leidy F.

Justo lo que buscaba! Y aunque al principio mi marido casi la estropea cocinando sin aceite !! La curé de nuevo y listo!!! Es una maravilla. Con ganas de comprar los otros tamaños

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