La Perruche 750g Sugar cubes

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Delicious cubes of brown cane sugar, brought to you by the renowned brand La Perruche.


In both cases it contains 750g of different shaped authentic sugar cubes, which are delicious and beautifully presented, as well as being madefrom 100% cane sugar. A product oozing character, that manages to enchant the most subtle and refined palates.

In the case of brown sugar, you’ll enjoy an exceptional product filled with intriguing flavours. Some connoisseurs refer to this type of sugar as amber diamonds and it isperfect for sweetening your favourite drinks, such as coffee or tea.

La Perruche’s Story

La Perruche was founded at the end of the 19th century in Nantes, France,where they still make products filled with the tropical flavours of sugar cane in their own factory.

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Ázucar moreno

Gran producto y a un precio más que bueno.
Volveré a comprar.

Excelente producto

Me ha gustado mucho como endulzan los terrones de caña de azúcar moreno, sin enmascarar el sabor de lo que estás tomando. El tamaño de los terrones es pequeño e irregular por lo que además tienen una presentación bonita y apetecible.