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Almond oil is an exceptional product in the kitchen. This is oil extracted from the pressing of high quality almonds, being pure almond oil (not flavoured oil), and with all the benefits of nuts.

Its aroma of lightly roasted almonds makes it ideal as a topping for hot and cold savoury dishes, and it is also the perfect touch in baking: add it to dough as a substitute for butter or margarine (or part of it) and it gives cakes and biscuits a very delicate almondy touch.

It is ideal in salads, which will become a luxury dish with just a few drops of this oil. It can be added to fish, vegetables and grilled meats. It is ideal for sautéing, baking and vinaigrettes, providing a subtle and very delicate almond touch. 

Almond oil is also very popular in India with duck and curry, and in China it is also used with chicken and duck.

Format: 250ml

Why we love La Tourongelle almond oil

1. This is pure almond oil, not flavoured oil.
2. It is a delight: it leaves a subtle hint of almonds but really noticeable and elegant.
3. It is very versatile, perfect for making sweet recipes (cakes, biscuits...) as well as savoury (in pasta, meats, salads...).


The history of La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle is the brand name of the oils that have been produced in a mill in Saumur, in the Loire Valley, using traditional methods for 150 years. 

The quality of their oils is due to the high quality of their fruits and the oil extraction methods they use. As well as providing extraordinary flavour in the kitchen, La Tourangelle oils are packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, natural antioxidants and essential vitamins - the keys to a healthy diet.

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Customer Reviews

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Josep A.


meritxell c.a.
Aceite almendra Tourangelle

In gusto exquisito a las magdalenas.servicio excelente.

Aceite de almendras

He usado este aceite para hacer crema de almendras tipo nutella cambiando las avellanas por almendras y me ha gustado mucho. También lo he utilizado para aromatizar alguna ensalada. Era la primera vez que lo compraba y repetiré.

Ivan R.
Puro sabor

Tiene un sabor increible. es almendras con un toque tostado. Riquísimo

De micha calidad

Tiene mucha califad