Ana is the author of Biscayenne . A woman from Bilbao who declares herself a fervent admirer of everything anti-light and the most unctuous gastronomic whims. An enthusiast of traditional winter recipes that we tend to have a little forgotten.

Ana is usually one of the lucky ones not to cook and go as a guest at Christmas Eve dinners, she is usually the one who helps to finalize the details, and meanwhile, she thinks what she would do if she were the hostess.

He tells us that it is best to play it safe. Do not improvise, innovate, or try recipes for the first time. On a special occasion you have to cook a family recipe, from a lifetime, so as not to bring us surprises or disappointments.

In his opinion, the menu should be able to be prepared in advance, to be able to enjoy the family without going in and out of the kitchen. In addition, we are dressed elegantly and it is not very pleasant to be toasting with the smell of fried food.

To begin with, nothing better than turning hors d'oeuvres into an aperitif: vermouth, siphon and a slice of orange. The guests will be able to get rowdy standing up, while in the kitchen they prepare the last details.

Sitting at the table, the fish soup is served, a classic in a deluxe version with prawns and pieces of monkfish.

Second, she recommends a wonderful boeuf bourguignon (you can find Julia Child's recipe in her cookbook " The art of cooking ", Ana is also a fan of our Julia :), made the day before over low heat with a side of potatoes candied and mushrooms.

For dessert, a light recipe, because you have to finish the tray of nougat anyway. Ana offers us the Japanese cake, a charlota based on biscuits, custard and almonds.

To finish and wash down the meal, a good hot punch like the one that appears in "Book of cookery" (Florentina Inchausti de Prellezo, 1925, Bilbao). To get tipsy like someone who doesn't want the thing and in a very Christmassy way, promised.

If we combine simplicity, foresight and infallibility we can conquer the world. Sometimes by rescuing the usual formulas we can be the most original. Tradition and family to celebrate one of the most special nights of the year, a formula that never fails.

In his blog you can find a repertoire of the most varied recipes from before that will not cease to surprise you.

Jordi Manero


Ani said:

Qué menú tan apetecible! Ya estoy escribiendo a los Reyes Magos para pedirles una cocotte y el libro de Julia Child, a ver si hay suerte…

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