You will have to excuse me, the title of the post is neither tricky nor cardboard: today I bring you a lot of recipes for your lunches and dinners with eggs, lots of eggs!

What am I talking about? It turns out that every second Friday of October (in this case, precisely today October 11), is World Egg Day , and we have a lot of recipes to celebrate it... And enjoy it at the table!

For this reason, we have prepared a compilation of 16 recipes for baked eggs , frittatas, quiches... A lot of recipes that will serve to fill a table with appetizers, serve as a first course or solve a dinner.

Let's enjoy it!

1. Eggs on the plate... or made my way (in the pan or in the oven)

I leave you with some of my favorite recipes when solving a dinner or preparing individual portions to surprise the first course of a meal. They are the easiest proposals to make but really delicious. I hope you enjoy them!

Nothing more practical and with better presentation than bringing the individual portion of your recipes to the table. For this, Revol oven-safe plates or mini cocottes are perfect utensils.

1. Scrambled eggs with thyme potatoes and artichoke chips

A divine recipe and for any occasion! On the plate, a base of cooked potato, which we will cover with an egg that we will bake in the oven in a few minutes, and crown it with some artichoke chips.

2. Truffled eggs with mushrooms

The classics never die! Here you will find a most elegant recipe with mountain flavours: if you like the taste of truffles, combining it with an egg is always a success, and combining it with mushrooms becomes a great dish to enjoy.

3. Eggs in mini cocotte

We invite you to combine the egg with vegetables and cheese, an essential basic that you can quickly prepare in the oven in a mini-cocotte, to serve each diner their portion. In the recipe we suggest you do it with beans, but you can use asparagus, carrot, zucchini... choose your favorite vegetables and you will be right.

Prepare your recipes in an iron skillet if you want to finish cooking the egg without oil and in the oven. For this, the Le Creuset skillet frying pan is ideal.

4. Huevos rancheros my way

If you like fried eggs, the Huevos Rancheros are their Mexican version: they are fried eggs, presented with basic corn tortillas and a spicy sauce. A recipe for the brave, which is definitely worth trying.

5. Eggs with ratatouille

I love the combination of a good base of vegetables and tomato with the egg. I find it a success, egg with ratatouille is for me the perfect dinner.

6. Potato and kale omelette

An updated classic: the classic potato omelette can be accompanied by so many ingredients, but doing it with kale is really nutritious... And tasty!

2. Quiches and frittatas

I find preparing quiches and frittatas a perfect solution for an appetizer (diners are always encouraged to take a piece to start filling their stomachs!), and they are undoubtedly perfect recipes to have dinner ready and free of complications, given that you can prepare them in advance and serve them hot or cold, depending on the taste of the consumer. They are colorful proposals that shine on the table and, most importantly, they taste divine and there is no one who stops repeating!

You can prepare your quiches in a ceramic mold or in a perforated one, the cooking results of the dough and its filling are wonderful. You can see the quiche pans here .

11. Endive and leek quiche, inspired by Julia Child's book

Following Julia Child's advice is always a success, and it is embodied in this healthy recipe that is perfect for everyday use.

12. Salmon and goat cheese quiche

One of my favorites! The softness of the fresh goat cheese accompanies the flavor of the salmon, in a perfect combination. You can also do it with smoked salmon, without going through the pan and resulting in an equally delicious recipe, with contrast and that you will have done in a short time.

13. Cod, leek and onion quiche

With a shortcrust pastry base, we propose a quiche that combines the flavor and texture of cod with egg and onion in a quiche that will become one of your favorites.

Le Creuset skillet pan, an iron pan suitable for the oven and a fabulous and natural cooking of your recipes.

14. Tomato Frittata

If you like tomato, you will love this frittata. It is perfect, for its simplicity and for the outstanding flavor of the tomato roasted in the oven during its cooking.

15. Artichoke Frittata with Ham

I love the contrast of artichokes and cured ham, and putting the two together in a frittata is like "Yes, I want forever."

16. Black Pudding and Caramelized Apple Frittata

In this frittata you will find a most elegant and surprising combination, the caramelized apple melts and combines with the power of the black pudding, resulting in a most delicious frittata.


Juanjo said:

Una buena solución para hacer un “platazo” a base de huevos.

Carmen said:

Que buenas ideas, gracias!!!

Carmen said:

Que buenas ideas, gracias!!!

CARMEN said:

¡Hola! Muchas gracias, pero aquí sólo aparecen las recetas de 1 a 6 y de 11 a 16… ¿Dónde están las recetas 7 a 10? Porque sólo son 12 en total, no 16… ¡Saludos!

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias Juana!! La verdad es que muchas de ellas las hago muy a menudo en casa porque me encantan los huevos,, y salen riquísimas. Espero que lo disfrutes también en la tuya, saludos!

Juana María said:

Me parece estupendo

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