Today Luisa Morón, author of Cooking with my Carmela , brings us a recipe to enjoy with the family: the classic carbonara pizza recipe. Made at home, it is the richest. I already sense a smile on your lips just imagining you sinking your teeth into it!

Without a doubt, almost all of us like Italian cuisine. It is a fast and grateful cuisine, and no less exquisite for that. If we are asked what kind of recipes we are most attracted to, pasta and the famous pizzas will almost certainly come up. Although it is true that the repertoire of exquisite Italian dishes is much broader*.

Today we will prepare a homemade carbonara pizza. Easy to make and delicious. We will only need a few basic ingredients for the dough such as flour, oil, water and yeast. With them we will obtain a spectacular and not heavy homemade dough. On the other hand, for its filling I suggest a traditional carbonara although you can use any ingredient that you want to try.

homemade pizza

Ceramic tray for pizza Emile Henry


Ingredients for the dough:

  • 400g of strong flour
  • 200g of warm water
  • 50gr of extra virgin olive oil
  • 25g of baker's yeast
  • Salt

Ingredients for the stuffing:

  • 150gr of cream cheese
  • 100g grated mozzarella
  • 5 slices of mozzarella cheese
  • 100g of smoked bacon
  • 100g tomato ketchup sauce
  • Oregano


We proceed to prepare the dough:

In a bowl add warm water together with the oil and mix, then add the yeast and mix everything again. When the yeast is completely incorporated, add the flour and a little salt on top, being careful that it does not come into contact with the yeast, since in that case it will not rise the dough.

Unite everything until we see a uniform mass and it detaches from the hands; in case you need more flour you can add a little more. You also have the option of making the dough with a kitchen robot , ideal for kneading.

Once we have the dough ready, leave it in the bowl for about an hour, covered with a kitchen towel.

After this time we will cut the dough in half, which is the amount we will need -the rest you can put in a food-safe bag and freeze for another day.

With the help of a rolling pin we will stretch the dough.

Preheat the oven to 180º and put the Emile Henry baking tray inside, so that it also preheats.

Let's prepare the filling. To do this, chop the bacon slices and reserve.

We put a layer of tomato sauce on the base of the pizza, the sliced ​​cheese, grated mozzarella cheese (only half), and the cream cheese with the help of a spatula. Finally, add the bacon plus the remaining mozzarella, sprinkle with oregano.

We take the ceramic tray out of the oven being careful not to burn ourselves, and with the help of a shovel we put the pizza on top. And baked!

T&G acacia wood chopping board, Fleur de Ligne Tokyo bowls and Pallarès carbon iron knife

As I always usually comment, each oven is a world. We will need about 15-20 minutes in the oven for it to be done, it all depends on how you like the dough, if less done or more crispy

*If you are curious to discover a wide variety of Italian recipes, I recommend the book Jamie's Italian Cuisine, where he shares a wide variety of recipes explained in detail for exquisite results.


Claudia said:

Hola Amelia, gracias por tu comentario. No puedo quitarte razón, y creo que el motivo del título viene más por lo habituados que estamos a conocer la pizza carbonara como la ha hecho Luisa, que no por sus orígenes reales. Queda anotado y a ver si en un futuro próximo hacemos una carbonara al puro estilo italiano! Saludos y gracias, Claudia

Claudia said:

Sin duda Marta, hecha para disfrutar :) Saludos!!

Claudia said:

Gracias Ana, me alegra que te guste!

Amelia Pereira said:

Me gusta mucho el blog y vuestras recetas, pero esta vez discrepo.Diez años he vivido en Toscana y doy clases de cocina italiana. Nunca vi pizza carbonara, no con panceta ahumada,sino con guanciale (papada de cerdo o panceta) y la pasta alla carbonara no se hace con otro queso que no sea pecorino romano y/o parmesano. Ahora bien.. Si es una fantasía vale…pero no la llaméis así.
Un saludo

Ana said:

Ummm, que rica, por favor.

Marta said:

Es una recepta facil i molt util

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