Do you want to buy a wok to cook but you have not just decided? After reading this post you will have it very clear and you will not be able to cook some recipes without a wok.

The Wok (kuo in the Mandarin language) which literally means "container in which it is cooked", is an original and very popular utensil in China.

One of my favorites and one that I use often is the Le Creuset Wok . One of its main advantages is that it is made of cast iron, which retains heat and heats evenly. It also prevents oxidation and food sticking. This utensil has the perfect shape for frying, stewing, boiling or steaming, its great versatility allows for a wide range of culinary possibilities.

Photo: Le Creuset Wok

Its wide and deep shaped design produces different temperature zones: hotter at the bottom, where food browns quickly, and warmer on the sides to keep it warm once cooked. The wok allows you to use very little oil or fat, so everything I cook in it is very healthy and tasty.

Then there is one of the most widely used and sold woks in the world, the Ken Hom wok. It is a wok made of carbon steel (an iron wok), practical and that distributes heat wonderfully. It is in its most common version, for gas and ceramic hob (the Ken Hom Everyday wok, this one ) and also the version that is also suitable for cooking on induction (the Ken Hom Professional wok, here ). Both the Ken Hom Everyday and the Ken Hom Professional result in an indisputable value for money.

If you're looking for a wok that's lighter than iron woks, we highly recommend Kuhn Rikon's . It is a wok with a practical handle and its non-stick coating is highly reinforced, which is very interesting and convenient for kitchen utensils that work at high temperatures, as is the case with the wok. This Kuhn Rikon wok can go on all types of stoves, including induction.


Ken Hom carbon steel woks, Everyday (for gas and vitro cookers) and Professional, for induction cookers ; and Kuhn Rikon non-stick wok

For lovers of ceramics Emile Henry has made the first ceramic wok, called "Flame®". With ceramic, the wok quickly reaches cooking temperature, but also stabilizes keeping flavors and foods crisp. The Emile Henry wok ensures healthy and very easy cooking, maintaining the traditionality of ceramic utensils.

Photo: ceramic wok

Another excellent wok that you will love is made by Silit in Silargan ceramics. It is a material with high durability, very resistant to scratches, non-abrasive and nickel free. The base, suitable for all stoves including induction, has a smooth design to protect the cooking surface, and it is also a very good conductor of heat, saving energy.

And for lovers of outdoor barbecues, I want to show you a tool that you are going to love. This stainless steel wok pan is ideal to enjoy your barbecue even more. In it you can cook vegetables, seafood or even meat or fish in a simple way while maintaining all the flavor and aromas of the barbecue. What do you think? A wonder, right?

Photo: stainless steel wok pan

Well, I hope it has helped you learn a little more about this great and little known kitchen utensil, which in addition to giving us excellent results, helps us take care of ourselves and cook in a very healthy way.

Have you already chosen the wok that best suits your needs and tastes? I hope this post has given you the clues on how to choose a wok . I would stay with everyone!

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