Making popsicles at home is very easy with the Zoku ice cream maker, since it freezes the mixtures in 7-8 minutes, and you can enjoy homemade ice cream in record time.

Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , brings us a recipe that is easy to make and that all the little ones will surely enjoy: yogurt cookies and oreo cookies. Some of the richest and creamiest popsicles!

If with ice cream I am becoming demanding and I always choose the artisan ones, made with real milk, real fruit and without colorants or additives, with ice creams I am in the same line, and since we have the Zoku shirt at home, and With this it's already two summers, I have it very easy.

The best thing of all is that with the children on vacation and at home, they are the ones who prepare it for themselves, since it is so simple that it is not necessary for you to help them. It is true that the most basic ones are prepared based on juice or yogurt, but my thirteen-year-old daughter is already starting to make drawings with bits of things and she is… happy!

We made these Oreo popsicles together and in return I asked her to pose for you. you will love them 

Zoku Quick Pop Triple Fridge


  • 3 sweetened Greek yogurts
  • 50ml of whole milk
  • A package of Oreo cookies


  1. Have the ZOKU ice cream maker in the freezer for at least 24 hours before making the popsicles (I always have it).
  2. In a bowl, mix the milk with the yogurt and stir .
  3. Divide some Oreo cookies to make tops for decoration (you can't put them whole because the stick won't fit), and reserve others to make cookie powder in a mortar .
  4. To make the layered Oreo popsicle (top photo): Pour in some of the yogurt mixture, then sprinkle some Oreo powder, add more yogurt, and layer another cookie crumbs, finishing with the yogurt. Insert the stick, wait seven minutes and unmold.
  5. For the center of the Oreo cookie pole (bottom photo): pour a little yogurt on the bottom, wait 3 minutes for it to solidify a bit, insert the cookie (only a lid) sticking it to one of the sides of the mold ( with the letters backwards). Hold it with your finger while you pour the yogurt, release and insert the stick. Finish with a layer of crushed biscuit mixed with a little yogurt so that the mixture freezes. Wait 5 more minutes and unmold.

Zoku Quick Pop Triple Fridge


You can make more variants based on Oreo cookies:

  • Placing pieces instead of the whole cookie is also very cool.
  • Or if you want to introduce it whole, the option is to fill the mold with yogurt, insert the stick and introduce the whole cookie but in pieces so that they are distributed around it without disturbing.
  • You can also mix the yogurt with oreo powder and stir; it will have a fun speckled look.

The Zoku shirt allows you to make very basic and simple polo shirts, or let your imagination run wild and build real beams, the limit is set by you. Of course, you will always know that no matter how sophisticated they are, all the ingredients are natural and from home.

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