Miguel Ángel, author of Pimientos Verdes, has been enjoying a Weber gas barbecue for a few months. As I knew that he has gotten a lot out of it, I asked him if he wanted to give us his opinion on it, or on the benefits of gas barbecues, and here is his opinion on them. Will you be as in love with these barbecues as he is?

When I was little, one of the things I liked to do with my parents was enjoy a good barbecue on the terrace. It all started with the ritual of lighting the fire and waiting for the embers to be at the right point. I vividly remember how I used to help my father make a little pile of wood shavings, then light them and put charcoal on top. Then I would run to the kitchen and give my mother a hand by salting the meat, which was usually rack of lamb, and then we'd get to work on the aioli. Of course, then came the corresponding appetizer while my father was in charge of cooking the meat.

Years later, when I bought my flat, the idea of ​​buying a barbecue for the large terrace that I have was always on my mind, but unfortunately my terrace is covered, that is, I have a roof above it that prevents me from making a fire with a traditional barbecue. So I scrapped the idea.

Luckily, one of my neighbors went to live in the United States for a while and one of the things she brought back from there was a gas barbecue . You already know that there are some masters with this topic and the good experience of my neighbor convinced me to buy this type of barbecue.

As in any purchase process, once the convincing phase was over, it was time to face the task of comparing brands and features. Here I must say that Claudia helped me a lot and knew how to guide me perfectly to know which gas barbecue to buy .

I was very clear that I wanted a good-sized barbecue, but one that would also allow me to cook for two people. Another essential requirement is that he wanted a durable product, of very high quality and with a careful design. For this reason I opted for the Weber Spirit E310 model, which has three burners and enough surface to cook for 10 people without problems. In addition, it has a very elegant line and a compact size that barely takes up space on my terrace.

weber barbecues

Weber Spirit Barbecues

After a few months using my Weber gas barbecue, I am ready to explain my experience with this system and with the brand.

1. Weber barbecues are manufactured with very high quality products. They are robust and are designed to last for many years. The assembly is very simple, as much as assembling a piece of furniture from the well-known Swedish brand.

2. Gas is a cheap cooking system. I use 6 kg reusable butane cylinders, which fit perfectly in the cabinet that my barbecue has built-in. These cylinders are priced at about 10 euros and give a lot of themselves. I have prepared quite a few meals and I haven't needed to change it yet!

3. With gas barbecues we can start cooking immediately. To light the Weber barbecue all the work is to open the gas tap to light the burners. I let it warm up for a few minutes before putting the food on it. And of course, in this "heating" process no smoke is produced.

4. It is a clean cooking system, as the fat from the food falls into a small tray under the burners. Also, the grill is easy to clean. I use a “nanas” type scourer and it is perfect.

weber gas barbecues

Weber Q1200 gas barbecue

5. Although it may seem obvious, with this system no ash is generated, so cleaning between uses is very simple.

6. The flavor that is achieved is very authentic. A well-known restaurant brand tells us that “grilled, it tastes better”. Well, I totally agree. This is where Flavorizer bars come into play. These bars are made of enameled steel and are located between the burners and the grill. Its function is as follows: during the cooking process, the food releases its own juices. These juices go into the Flavorizer bars, where they evaporate. This steam greatly enhances the flavor of food cooked on Weber gas barbecues. A simple system but very well thought out.

7. It has a built-in lid that multiplies the performance of my barbecue... and I can use it as an oven! The escalivada is perfect for me prepared on the barbecue and I have yet to make pizza. The temperature we get under the lid allows us to even roast a whole chicken or turkey.

escalivada and pizza on weber gas barbecue

8. Another advantage is that we can very easily regulate the intensity of the fire. In this way we can easily control the cooking point of our food.

If you are considering buying a gas barbecue, do not hesitate. It is a safe purchase. I am having a very good experience with this system and I hope to be able to enjoy my Weber barbecue for many years.

NOTES: There are different models of Weber gas barbecues. You will find them all here . If, on the other hand, you are still interested in the more traditional method, the charcoal ones, but you are looking for some of the highest quality and beautiful designs, I invite you to see both the Weber and Eva Solo ones, which you will find in the Barbecues and accessories section. In the same section you will find a lot of accessories, to get the most out of your barbecue!

If you want, you can also see the recipe that Miguel prepared for a delicious grilled chicken sandwich with barbecued apple and brie cheese here .

Claudia Ferrer


Isabel said:

Yo hice un pedido de una barbacoa weber y todo bien llegó rápido y sin problemas, mi sorpresa fue al abrir el envoltorio y montarla, la tapa estaba astillada vamos con la pintura levantada. Llamé al supervisor me dijeron que me mandaban una sin problema, además llamé en el momento y le envié fotos al correo y demás. Han pasado 8 meses y sigo igual volví a hablar con el y que me enviaban una sin problema, y hace poco me mandan un correo diciéndome que tengo que cojer un seguro etc… No vuelvo a comprar nada aquí por falta de seriedad y profesionalidad

Fernando said:

Eduardo Rodríguez. Eso pasa con casi todas las de gas y hasta con las de carbon, solo que en estas últimas pulverizas con agua y ya. Pero evidentemente no puedes hacerlo en las de gas. Llave 2 incendiadas con el peligro que lleva. He vuelto a las de carbón. Los fabricantes evitan el tema

musired said:

m usho

Eduardo Rodríguez said:

Muy buena la barbacoa de Gas Webber Spirit. Pero tengo un problema: la grasa q se va deshaciendo cae sobre los triángulo q recubren los quemadores produciendo unas llamas que queman y ennegrecen la comida. En principio su misión era evitar q cayeran en las llamas y producir este efecto no deseado, pero no es así. solución? Hay veces q cubro con papel aluminio la superficie de la barbacoa y sobre ella pongo los alimentos, pero bajo la temperatura.

Antonio said:

Sin duda las barbacoas Weber son de las mejores. Me encanta este modelo: https://bit.ly/2YYoLUv

Ahora bien para mi la gran duda es valorar si comprar una barbacoa de gas o una de carbón

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