Since the good weather arrived, Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , has enjoyed preparing delicious ice creams. He also enjoys eating them, because natural and freshly made ice creams at home have many advantages, starting with how good they are.

Given that most are surprised to learn that you can make popsicles in 7 minutes, and his experience with the Zoku ice cream maker , I asked him to give us his opinion and experience about it, I hope you find it interesting.

When I saw the Zoku ice cream maker for the first time and the beautiful popsicles that appear in the photographs on the box, I admit that I thought that surely at the moment of truth they would not turn out even remotely like this.

I was thinking about the number of gadgets, or kits, or toys that in advertising promise one thing and then when it comes to facing the task on your own, at home, there is no way to reproduce what is advertised as something easy and affordable .

So when I made my first polo with Zoku , something basic; a mixture of striped lemon and orange juice (they recommend starting with simple things to become familiar with the utensil) I couldn't believe I had such a beautiful thing in my hands, made by myself, without any practice, and in less than ten minutes.

The first advantage, and it is something very important when we talk about a product that is aimed especially at children (although the older ones are enjoying it tremendously) is the fact that it is something whose result and purpose is to obtain a fresh and natural food for offer as a snack or snack.

Zoku popsicles are basically made with juices, yoghurts, milk, chocolate... In terms of juices it is true that we can resort to industrial ones, but within these there are some more natural ones, and of course the ideal is to make them ourselves at home, crushing the fruit and in some cases adding some water to dilute it.

Kiwi, melon, apple, banana, cherries, watermelon, apple... this summer our children can fulfill the famous "5 a day" without any effort.

The Zoku ice cream maker comes in three sizes: for three poles, for two or for one pole. But inside the box there are sticks to double the capacity (after making a roll of popsicles, you can immediately make another batch).

How does the Zoku fridge work?

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the refrigerator must be in the freezer for at least 24 hours before being used. And you shouldn't worry too much about space, because even the largest capacity (three popsicles; you can make six) is a very acceptable size to spend from June to September in the freezer without affecting our routine too much.

To make the popsicles, simply insert the liquids and ingredients you have chosen into the cavities of the ice cream maker, where the stick is also placed, and take them out in the shape of a popsicle after a few minutes! To introduce the liquids, you can help yourself with some cups that come in the Zoku accessories kit .

The poles can be made all the same or each one different. With stripes, fillings, with printed fruits... The instructions that come with the product are super easy to follow. Even our own children can make the popsicles by themselves, since the machine does not need electricity of any kind and is absolutely harmless. To understand how it works, it is enough to know that the cavities of the refrigerator are so cold that freezing is almost immediate.

If we want to stamp fruits, they have to be cut very finely and with a wand, which is included, they are directed towards the walls of the cavity where they are adhered with the cold. The ones that stick best are the most sugary, like pears. If it is difficult for us to adhere, or for example we are using chocolate that is more complicated to stick, the solution is to dip it in a sugary liquid, such as syrup, honey, sugar water... etc.

If we want to make a popsicle of a single color, we will add the juice, or yogurt, or horchata, or prepared at once. In 7 minutes we have it done and we will remove it with the help of an accessory that is included; a kind of orange knob that fits the stick by turning on it, and that helps us pull it.

If we want to make a popsicle alternating several flavors, we will add a liquid, wait two or 3 minutes for it to solidify, then add the other, wait again and so on until the popsicle is complete.

In addition to stamping fruit slices, you can stick hearts or stars of hard fruits such as apples, it looks great.

It is advisable to purchase the kit with the Zoku ice cream maker that includes the cups , which are also measurers, the wand, the molds for stars and hearts and a pipette that is used to make popsicles filled with another flavor in a very easy way. It is very economical and it is an important complement to be able to get the most out of our Zoku refrigerator.

The possibilities are almost endless, in flavors and aesthetics. Although there are some things that we have to take into account. If the product that we want to introduce is excessively sugary (for example dulce de leche), the 7 minutes in which the popsicle is normally made will not be enough, because the excess of sugar prevents freezing. On the contrary, a sugar defect makes the popsicle impossible to extract, it will freeze very quickly and will be so hard that we will not be able to remove it.

Thus, any liquid must be sugary, or have fat such as cream or yogurt. Some sweeteners also hinder a good result, and so do some carbonated drinks. That is why it is best to start with what is simple and obvious, and then experiment.

In any case, if on any occasion we find it difficult to extract the popsicles, it is a good idea to wait a while, the refrigerator loses the cold, and it is extracted well. That time does not have to be more than 15 or 20 minutes and this circumstance would be exceptional. Zoku popsicles normally unmold without any difficulty.

Refrigerator maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance of the refrigerator is very simple, as one popsicle is removed, another one can be made immediately in the hole it has left (we have already said that there are plenty of sticks). And when we have finished, if there are no leftovers (which there is no reason to have), we can take it back to the freezer.

From time to time we let it defrost, wash it with a little water and dish soap, rinse it and dry it well by inserting kitchen paper, so that when we return it to the freezer it is free of water that could freeze, affecting the modeling. of the following poles.

You will find a couple of recipes with the Zoku ice cream maker in the post we published a few days ago ( here ). You can also find the delicious recipe for cherry and coconut popsicle that you have seen in the photos in this other post . But the imagination (especially of children!) can be our greatest source of recipes for the fridge and thus make new popsicles, but if we do not want trials and tests, Zoku has a book full of ideas !

Nothing more and nothing less than forty ways to have fun and enjoy this summer drinking natural and healthy popsicles! Buying a Zoku refrigerator has endless advantages as you can see.


Rodica said:

Esta heladera es una maravilla. Para mí familia se ha convertido en algo indispensable durante el verano. Haces unos polos de zumos de fruta exquisitos con tan solo unos minutos de espera. Yo nunca le añado azúcar y aún así salen de maravilla. El servicio de Claudia&Julia impecable dado que tuve un problemilla con mi heladera. La compre hace unos 2 años y este año al ponerla en marcha me di cuenta de que por debajo soltaba un poco de líquido azul. Me puse en contacto con ellos y sin la necesidad de mandar la factura me enviaron con máximo de rapidez una heladera nueva. Así que un 10 para ellos. Y repito para mi la heladera vale su peso en oro. Haces tus polos naturales, limpios y buenísimos.

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