Patri, author of Sabores&Momentos , brings us a homemade recipe to enjoy for breakfast, appetizers and summer dinners. Preparing tomato jam couldn't be easier, and it's delicious to start the day with a good smile!

How wonderful, we are already finding the appreciated tomatoes of the beginning of the season, those tasty garden tomatoes that even we in our small urban gardens are great at! This year I have 14 tomato plants in production in my garden and I have already started to collect the first ecological jewels with an incredible flavor!! I encourage you to take seeds from the tomatoes that you like the most this year and to set up your seedbeds next spring to have them next summer, at full capacity on your terraces, balconies or gardens!

So, if summer gives you tomatoes, in addition to gazpachos and salmorejos... Give the homemade jam! It is very simple to prepare, it is not explained how it is not common to find it packaged on the shelves of our usual supermarkets... That is why I encourage you to prepare it at home for your pantry fund. You store it in these Luigi Bormioli jars and, in addition to being exquisite, they are beautiful when presented on the table.

This jam is one of the quintessential summer classics when our orchard tomatoes are at their best in terms of texture and flavour. It is delicious and accompanying some slices of toasted bread with goat cheese is an incredible snack and we all love it at home. Don't stop trying them!

I love preparing my jams in my Le Creuset cocotte , as they distribute the heat very well and make the jam achieve a wonderful texture in less time than in normal pots.

As for the amounts of sugar, I'm not one to put much and less in the tomato, because we want the sugar to reduce the acidity and provide a touch of sweetness, but not make it cloying.

Come on, let's go get her!

Airtight glass jars Luigi Bormioli.

Ingredients (for 2-3 boats)

  • 1 Kg of ripe tomatoes (you can combine different varieties)
  • 500g of brown sugar
  • juice of ½ lemon


  1. First, we wash the tomatoes well and make a cross-shaped cut on the surface to blanch them in boiling water for a couple of minutes, so we can peel them more easily. To make the cut, the Opinel serrated knife can be of great help, since without pressing the tomato you will cut the skin finely and in a single pass.
  2. We will have to decide if we want to extract the nuggets or not. I personally do not care, once the jam is cooked they are completely imperceptible.
  3. Once scalded, cut the tomatoes into four and put them in a pot or cocotte , add the sugar and the juice of half a lemon.
  4. We put on high heat and as soon as it starts to boil, lower the heat to medium temperature and leave it for about 40-45 minutes while we are stirring, or until we see that it thickens slightly.
  5. The temperature that the mixture acquires is high, so we will still see the somewhat liquid texture due to the effect of the sugar and the tomato juices, but when it cools it thickens, so we should not worry. To check if we have reached the right point of cooking, we put a spoonful of tomato jam on a cold plate, if it stays without spilling, it will be ready.
  6. At this point the tomato will already be very undone, but if we still want it with a smoother texture and without tripping, we simply pass it through the food mill or Chinese strainer and we will have a smoother mixture.
  7. Then we pack them in our hermetic jars , or if we prefer we can also pack them in jars suitable for vacuum packaging so that we can keep them in the bottom of the pantry.

Evolution Le Creuset round cocotte , Bérard wood board and Luigi Bormioli airtight glass jars .


  • Make this jam in a thick-bottomed pot to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly.
  • Choose tomatoes at their optimum point of ripeness.
  • You can use regular white sugar, but I like brown sugar better for jams, it adds a touch of color and it's also healthier!
  • If you are interested in learning more, and not just about jams, but about all kinds of preserves, I recommend the book Conservas Naturales, by Mariano Bueno . It is the most educational!

Making jam in a bread machine

  • You can also prepare the jam in the Moulinex breadmaker . If you do so, blanch the tomatoes in a pot as indicated in point 1 and after peeling them, place them in the bread machine along with the sugar and lemon juice. You select the program "15 - Jams" and you will see that in less than an hour you will have it ready, and the blades will have stirred for you!


Monica said:

Gratis por tan practicas y ricas recetas de mermelada , solo quisiera hacer de guayaba puedo aplicar l misma receta de la de tomate?,
Aprovechando tu gentil apoyo me puedes orientar cómo hacer mantenimiento a mi olla a presión marca WMF Perfect Plus, lo compre hace unos años en España, la traje a Perú no se donde hacer mantenimiento 🙏, millón de gracias

Maria said:

Soy especialista en esta mermelada, la aprendi de mi madre,,,,la hago muchas veces y se la regalo a mis amigas, que les encanta para acompañar el queso.

Lola said:

La mermelada de tomate yo la hago exactamente igual pero, le añado un palo de canela que le da un sabor excepcional.Tal y como la hacia mi madre.Riquissimaaa

Lola said:

La mermelada de tomate yo la hago exactamente igual pero, le añado un palo de canela que le da un sabor excepcional.Tal y como la hacia mi madre.Riquissimaaa

Meecedes Saúco said:

Holaaaa!!! Ante todo, GRACIAS!!!, las sigo fielmemte, gracias por compartir y enseñarnos.
Me encanta la mermelada de tomate así q quiero hacer esta receta. Tengo dos consultas. Cuando dices ponel los tomates escaldados en la olla quiere decir ya pelados? Y cómo se pelan, eso lo hacía mi MADRE, y desgraciadamemte su enfermedad no la deja comunicarse. Graciaas guapísimas!!!

Isabel said:

Una receta excelente. La probaré rápidamente. Gracias

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