I remember very well that morning, a few months ago, when I entered a shop in a town in Cerdanya where they sell all kinds of objects for the home and for the table. I was determined to find some glasses, because at home they were beginning to wear thin. I saw some that I loved: they were tiny, with a wide base and I would even say it is enough, but they became delicate and elegant at the top. They also had a greenish shimmer, characteristic of recycled glass, which gave it a casual and warm air that I loved. I left the store happy! My new glasses were original but casual, different and ideal for everyday use.

mediterranean water

Water jug ​​and 300ml Mediterranean glass , and My first Mediterranean glass !

That's how I discovered Mediterránea, a company from Valencia dedicated to making pieces for the table, and which has extensive experience in handling glass. Some time ago they made a business decision that for me is key: they decided to differentiate themselves and bet on a better world, so everything they manufacture is made with recycled glass. But not everything ends here: all their designs are fresh, light, pleasant, functional and very practical. "Many adjectives", you will think. Yes, and all of them certainly define them.

I think it's a shame that I can't show you these pieces live. They do not stand out for being incredibly beautiful or for being designed for an engagement dinner, but they are so ideal for everyday! You know that you have different pieces, manufactured here, of high quality and at really competitive prices.

mediterranean lifestyle products

Plate from the Zenda collection and Mediterranean glass vase

Mediterránea designs its products with our Mediterranean traditions and customs in mind. I think that is another attraction of the brand: you will find the typical jugs for the table that will serve you both to serve water and sangria or wine, the classic porrón , glass dishes that I remember so much using in my parents' country house ... and a whole set of products that, being made of glass, add a touch of lightness and freshness to the table.

I invite you to see all the products we have incorporated. I hope you like them!

Claudia Ferrer


Claudia said:

Veo que compartimos opinión al 100% Montse, me encanta! :) Gracias y un saludo, me alegro que te guste!

Montse said:

Una colección preciosa. Su tenue color verde, sus formas y su material le dan un aire fresco, intemporal y absolutament combinable con muchos estilos. El vidrio reciclado me parece una opción sostenible a la vez que resistente. Un acierto de productos! Un abrazo!

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