It is very interesting to analyze the products that most people have been interested in throughout the year. What makes me very happy about this 2016 is to see that there is a marked trend towards the most healthy and natural, and without a doubt also towards everything that is made at home. I leave you with the Top 8 with the most trend this year:

1. Iron pans

The concern about eating healthy has been a trend for some time now, but we are also concerned about the utensils with which we cook. Hence the resounding success of the De Buyer iron pans : they are a fabulous option that many people have opted for this year. Iron pans are a very healthy option, perfect for making fried, grilled and all kinds of sautéed; they are free of non-stick and other chemicals, and are designed to last a lifetime in your kitchen.

buyer iron pans

2. Vegetable Spirilizer

This year we have made it clear that we want to eat healthy but also that it enters by sight. Both the Spirelli Spirilizer (also in its XL version ) and the Gefu Spiralfix have established themselves as effective and very practical items, with which to prepare beautiful and delicious salads (green, rice, pasta...) and woks without complications and in a jiffy .

vegetable spirilizer

3. Chemex coffee maker

The Chemex is the queen of the slow-life for which we are advocating so much, in addition to being the coffee maker from which the best coffees in the world are prepared, without residues and acidity, with perfect filtering thanks to its special filters.

chemex coffee maker

4. Bowls and mugs Tokyo Design Studio

Tokyo Design 's beautiful patterns and colors have become very popular this year as they offer superior quality at super-affordable prices. Its success has not only arisen from the combination of good quality at a good price, but has also come together with a marked desire to want to enjoy every moment at home to the fullest: its bowls and cups make any breakfast and meal more cheerful and some tables more pretty.

tokyo design studio

Among the most valued designs are the Nippon Blue and Star Wave collections as the freshest and youngest options, and the Fleur de Ligne line as the most elegant option.

5. Ovens to make bread at home

I am convinced that the fact that making bread at home is in fashion has not escaped you. And it's an absolutely delightful trend, which I hope will persist forever. Making your own bread not only ensures you know what ingredients you use, but it is a real pleasure: it more than makes up for the little effort involved. In addition, the pleasure of eating your own bread has no equal. Hence, within this list of this year's Tops are Emile Henry's ceramic bread ovens : they generate humidity conditions inside that guarantee a crispy crust and a fluffy crumb. They are a real wonder!

emile henry bread ovens

6. Pans for the fire and the oven

Both Le Creuset's Skillet iron skillet and Bra's Infinity nonstick skillet have stood out this year as, unlike other conventional pans, they can go in the oven. This feature allows you to cook in a normal way on the heat and finish cooking with a gratin or browning in the oven in no time. Prepare sweet recipes such as a tarte tatin, or prepare complete recipes baked in a beautiful pan, which you will then serve directly to the table.

oven safe pans

Bra Infinity frying pan, Skillet Le Creuset iron skillet and Bra Infinity grill

7. Bundt molds

The American pastry has brought with it something that we are fans of, the bundt-type molds . With them you can make beautiful biscuits with no more effort than pouring your recipes into them instead of the traditional mould, and the result is really eye-catching. Nordic Ware is said to have the best bundt pans in the world and its fame has undoubtedly spread, making these pans now at home for almost everyone who loves sweet recipes.

nordic ware bundt molds

8. Pallarès knives

Another outstanding trend this year is handcrafted products. Pallarès iron knives have been one of the most obvious examples of this, given that their fame has not only spread throughout the country but has also crossed borders and they are already an icon in much of Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and so many other countries around the world. Your success? The combination of an excellent cut with a beautiful appearance thanks to its boxwood handle, and a price that is more than accessible to all pockets (even more so if you know that it will last a lifetime in your kitchen drawer).

pallarès knives solsona boxwood handle


Claudia&Julia said:

Hola Mari Angeles,
Te refieres a la cazuela Potato Pot de Emile Henry verdad? De ser así, la tenemos pedida y nos llegará en breve en las próximas semanas.
Muchas gracias!

Claudia said:

Oh juana, muchísimas gracias. Es un placer intentar ayudar y hacerlo bien, pero recibir comentarios como el tuyo es una auténtica alegría. Gracias!! Saludos y muy feliz año también para ti!

Mariangeles said:

Por favor ¿ Me pueden decir, cuando tendran a la venta, la cazuela, para las patatas asadas?, muchas gracias

Joana said:

Estoy encantada con la calidad de vuestros productos, moldes Bund buenísimos y preciosos, la sartén De buyer me ha llevado a mi infancia ,los huevos fritos con su clara de blonda genial y hoy he recibido las vinagreras italianas y son preciosas y la calidad 10.
Gracias por vuestra ayuda en todo , es un placer abrir vuestro bloc.
Feliz año y mucho éxito ¡,¡,¡,
Joana de Barcelona

Claudia&Julia said:

Hola María José, te refieres al espirilizador de vegetales?
Ahora mismo contactamos contigo para solucionarlo. Muchas gracias.

María jose perez said:

Intento pedir el rallador y no se como hacerlo

Claudia said:

Hola Juana, feliz de que estés contenta con todo ello!! La verdad es que son productos que gustan mucho y dan muy buenos resultados. A disfrutar de ellos por mucho tiempo! Saludos!

Juana María Varo González said:

Conozco los moldes Bundt y las sartenes de hierro y son una maravilla.

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