We love to get the cocotte going! Cooking in it has nothing to do with complicated recipes, but delicious! The recipe that Beatriz brings us today, fromTo Be Gourmet , is ideal: pork tenderloin with cider vinegar, a recipe that has minimal complications in the kitchen, but with which you get a tender and tasty meat that you will love.

We make this pork stew at home very often. The preparation is very fast, and since it is finished in the oven, it allows us to get the most out of our Le Creuset cocotte , since we do not need more containers to cook this delicious loin in sauce.

It can be prepared the day before and finished half an hour before lunch or dinner, which is a great advantage if we are going to make it on a weekend.

The cocotte is such a beautiful piece that if you are a cook you will also enjoy it with your eyes in addition to its good results.

loin with cider

Edmond Fallot apple cider vinegar and Le Creuset round cocotte


1 kg of pork loin
1 onion
1 leek
1 Carrot
2 cloves of garlic
200ml Edmond Fallot apple cider vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper mix


We put a little oil in the cocotte and mark the pork loin on both sides so that it takes on a golden color. Cut all the other ingredients into pieces and add them to the cocotte.

Season the top with salt and pepper and sprinkle the loin with a little cider vinegar . Then we introduce the cocotte in the oven with its lid at 160º.

Approximately every 15 minutes add a splash of vinegar, until you finish incorporating the entire amount indicated. We will remove the loin when we see, pricking with a needle, that it is already tender. It can be about 45 or 50 minutes.

Carefully remove the cocotte and uncover to cool the meat. As soon as we can handle it, we place it on a kitchen board and cut it into slices. We reserve them.

From this point we have two options for the presentation of the dish. The first option is to bring the meat to the table on a tray, covered with hot vegetables as a side dish. In this case, a ceramic mold seems to me to be a very original and elegant option.

Another option is to finely chop the vegetables to obtain a dense but smooth sauce, with a wonderful flavor thanks to the point that this vinegar gives it. If you opt for this option, the loin is placed back in the cocotte, and the sauce on it, and likewise it is taken to the table from where we serve each dish.

pork loin in cocotte

The Le Creuset cocotte is such a beautiful piece that it makes for a fantastic presentation on the table, and it's not just to be enjoyed while cooking.



Arturo said:

Las carnes en cocotte al horno salen espectaculares. Haré la receta. ¡Seguro!
Necesito un “ejemplar” de 40 centímetros de diámetro. ¿Tenéis algo en la tienda?

Claudia said:

Hola Belén, depende del tamño del lomo realmente, pero si es de un kilo aproximadamente, como el de la receta, deberían salirte bien para ofrecer más de un corte a unas 6 personas. Saludos!

Belen said:

Cuantas raciones salen?

sientatealamesa said:

Estas cazuelas no solo cocinan de maravilla, sino que también sirven para ser modelos de fotos culinarias.

Claudia said:

¡Qué alegría ver tan buena acogida, Mercedes! Muchas gracias, ya nos contarás tras probarla! Saludos, Claudia


Una manera fantástica de cocinar el lomo, que deja tiempo para un millón de cosas sin hipotecar el fin de semana en la cocina…. Me apunto a hacerla un día de éstos.

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