Laura, from the gastronomic blog Because , brings us a recipe that is the delight of the whole house. Easy to prepare, it will capture the attention of all your guests and will be a delight for young and old. We leave you with this provoletta prepared by Laura, who does it in one of the most versatile and stylish pans from Le Creuset, the Skillet pan .

At home there are several magic words and one of them is Provoletta. When it is named, the ipad closes, the bike is parked, the mobile is turned with the screen facing downwards... and suddenly we all come out of our particular trance to gather, standing or sitting it doesn't matter, around the provoletta . You have to eat it very hot when the cheese is elastic, and fight a little with the forks and the bread, trying to catch the most golden parts of the bottom. Without a doubt, an ideal snack to enjoy in good company.


  • 300g provolone cheese
  • 6-8 cherry tomatoes or a couple of regular tomato slices
  • Aromatic herbs to taste (basil, oregano...)


  1. Place the Le Creuset skillet over medium high heat with the provolone cheese on top, sprinkle with a little oregano.
  2. When the bottom half of the cheese is melted, place the skillet in the oven at 200º with the cherry tomatoes on top.
  3. Let the cheese melt and remove when we see that the edges begin to brown, about 5 minutes.
  4. Take immediately.


Carmen Reig said:

Me encanta la receta y necesito comprar esa skillet solo por ella!!! Ahora tengo la duda del tamaño que se ha usado para ella, pues me parece el perfecto….. Podéis darme ese dato??? Graciassssss

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