Patry, author of Sabores&Momentos , brings us a classic in the form of a puff pastry tart: the combination of escalivada with feta cheese is excellent, resulting in a tart that is very easy to prepare and that everyone will like.

I love autumn, it is a season that inspires, that invites you to cook, to prepare warmer dishes and to have the oven on at home at all hours! Today I bring you a simple recipe that you can prepare in a moment having the escalivada ready. Also, while the peppers and aubergines are baking, we can be enjoying the little ones or reading a book. It's what I like most about cooking in the oven, the kitchen doesn't get dirty and while he works we relax; yes, with an eye on our plate, we are not going to burn!

In this case, instead of shortcrust pastry or coca dough, I wanted to use a puff pastry, one of those with extra butter that you can find in some large surfaces and that gives our cake that crispy touch once baked. .

Those of you who follow me and are already getting to know me know that I am an unconditional fan of savory tarts and quiches, because in addition to being versatile, they are a simple and delicious dish for when you find yourself in a pinch where you have to improvise a meal or dinner with what you have in the fridge: friends or relatives who come and stay, snacks at friends' houses that you want to surprise by bringing a dish, Sunday lunch for which you are looking for a simple and light first course... dozens of situations in which almost all of us see each other on some occasion, and to show off with little effort, a salty cake is the best wild card!

escalibada cake with rectangular mold from buyer

Rectangular mold with De Buyer removable base and Pallarès carbon steel knife

For this, nothing better than this fantastic rectangular mold from De Buyer . Since I have it, it is the mold that I have used the most for my cakes, both savory and sweet. It's amazing quality that you can feel when you hold it, and since it's non-stick I don't even have to butter it! I simply line it with the dough directly and once baked, after a few minutes, I press underneath and its removable bottom and it takes out my perfect cake without the need to scratch with a knife or shovel to unmold the cake. The presentation could not be more elegant - you saw a table by itself, don't you think?

What do you want to start making savory or sweet cakes to try and find your favorite? Well, let's go for today's recipe!


1 puff pastry
2 red bell peppers
1 medium eggplant
1 white onion
extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
crumbled feta cheese


We start by preparing the escalivada. The most common option to prepare them is usually in the oven or on a grill . It is true that the iron grill is my favorite, because the skin of the peppers and aubergines is toasted on the surface but the pulp does not burn, and it is left with a flavor and texture that the oven does not give us. But being realistic, the oven is our great ally for most of us when preparing this recipe.

We preheat them to around 200º C and in my case to achieve that grill effect, what I do is bake them on the grill option. Wash the peppers and the aubergine and peel the onion.

Place the vegetables on a baking tray, prick the aubergine several times with the tip of a knife so that it does not explode with the temperature, and sprinkle everything with a little oil. Place in the oven (preferably in the middle tray and at 180º). Approximately 25 minutes later, turn each of the pieces once and leave for another 30-40 minutes or until we check that they are done.

Remove from the oven to a saucepan or low pot , cover and reserve about 20 minutes to facilitate the task of peeling. Remove the skin and seeds from the aubergine and the peppers, and remove the first layers of the onion. It helps to have a bowl of water handy to rinse your hands when the skins and seeds stick to your fingers.

Bérard Olive Wood Cutting Board

Once peeled, cut them into strips and place them in a bowl. Add a little salt and oil and reserve until we are going to make our cake. We can also cover with a transparent film and reserve in the refrigerator until the next day.

To prepare the cake, preheat the oven (if it is not still hot from having previously prepared the escalivada) at 180º. We cover our mold with the puff pastry and making sure to reinforce the walls of the mold with a double layer of puff pastry using the cuts from the roll of dough. Prick it with a fork and cover it with the well-drained escalivada so as not to soak the dough too much. In my case I put more pepper because we love it at home, but you can distribute the onion, aubergine and pepper in equal parts.

Add a few flakes of fleur de sel on top, a stream of extra virgin olive oil along the entire length of the cake and spread the crumbled Feta cheese with your fingers over the entire surface. Put in the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes or until we see that the cake is done and the puff pastry is well browned.

Once that time has elapsed, remove from the oven and let rest for a few minutes. We unmold and to serve we can add some dressing (salt and oil) if we want it and if not, as is and accompanied by a salad you will love it.

escalivada tart recipe

On the left, Revol porcelain round cake mold and Pallarès carbon steel knife

Author of the recipe: Patry de Sabores & Momentos


Marisa Hernandez said:

Me encanta todo, las recetas, las fotos de las recetas, vuestros productos… Hoy mismo compro el molde y lo hare pronto. Gracias por las maravillosas recetas y vuestro estupendo servicio.

Bearecetasymas said:

Como me gusta tanto la escalivada y el queso feta, esta receta tiene que caer prontito!!!! Pinta genial!

CLaudia said:

Qué alegría, Yolanda! Feliz que te guste la receta… y que estés contenta con la tienda :) Saludos, gracias! Claudia

Yolanda del Val said:

Esta receta tuya,definitivamente me ha animado a comprar hoy mismo ese molde maravilloso que tiene un aspecto de 10.Y segun lo tenga en mis manos que en Claudia&Julia me lo mandaran como siempre muy rapido y con excelente esmero;la hare sin demora.El aspecto y la presentacion quedan de lujo. Muchas gracias por tus recetas.

Silvia said:

Sí Silvia, debes probarlo!! :) Saludos, Claudia

Claudia said:

Estupendo Marta!! Ya nos dirás qué tal te resulta, verás cómo gusta!! Saludos, Claudia

MARTA said:

Me parece una buena idea este plato , me pondré manos a la obra. Gracias por estas recetas.

Silvia said:

Que pinta tiene que estar buenisimo.

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