Those of you who regularly follow us already know that we like traditional cuisine, chup-chup, making dough at home and doing things with love. Perhaps that is why we have always felt very close to Julia Child's cuisine. Today is Laura, from the Because blog , who tells us about her best-known work, the book The Art of French Cuisine .

The Art of French Cuisine by Julia Child is one of the best-known cookbooks in the world, written more than 40 years ago and recently translated into Spanish. Julia Child was a stocky Californian, a lover of good food before cooking, who in the fifties moved to live in France because of her husband's job.

Fascinated with the dishes that she tasted there, she decided to learn to cook at the prestigious Le cordon bleu school, to later complete her training both with lessons from important chefs and as part of the most exquisite culinary societies of the moment. One thing led to another, and together with two other friends, she wrote this book in which she masterfully captures her knowledge of cuisine française.

The Art of French Cuisine by Julia Child

And it is precisely with this work that he has gone down in history for being the one who introduced French techniques and flavors to the other side of the pond, in a society that at that time looked at Europe and more specifically at France, with total fascination.

It is a book from another era, one in which images were not as accessible a medium as they are now, and that is why Julia relies on the word and some illustrations to splendidly explain each of the recipes contained in the book. .

From very elaborate French recipes, to practical advice on how to choose the best foods on the market and how to treat, preserve and cook them afterwards.

A gem where you will find classic recipes explained in an unbeatable way, such as Boeuf Bourgignonne , quiches, eggs en cocotte ... Without forgetting the desserts... Nobody explains how to assemble a Charlota better than Julia!

Of course, it is essential, a reference base for the most classic recipes and techniques, which continue to be fashionable over the years, simply because they are delicious recipes!!

The Art of French Cuisine has two volumes. In the first, he reviews all the essential techniques in the art of cooking, and the most common or popular dishes and recipes, all explained in a really educational and entertaining way, which helps to fully immerse us in the art of cooking.

In the second volume, it continues to incorporate more culinary techniques, placing special emphasis on both spoon dishes and pastry and bakery recipes.

If you want to see some Julia Child recipes, you can see the proposals we have on the blog, inspired by recipes from the book:

- Cheese soufflé

- Red wine pork stew with bacon and onions

- Boeuf Bourgignon

- Endive and leek quiche

- Eggs en cocotte (and also the proposal with truffled eggs )

Claudia Ferrer


Juan David said:

Es un libro excelente. He hecho varias recetas y todas han resultado muy buenas. Aún con lo tutoriales de internet el libro es muy superior

Teresa said:

Me acaban de llegar los dos libros y deseando practicarlos.

Manuela said:

Me gusta el libro como puedo conseguirlo??

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