A KitchenAid food processor is a big investment, but it's for life. For this reason, we receive some very frequent and recurrent queries that we hope to solve in this post, from what are the differences between the different KitchenAids to others such as which KitchenAid robot suits me , which KitchenAid is the most popular, doubts about accessories or how to get the book of recipes.

KitchenAid robots are very complete and versatile robots, being a kneader, mixer and mixer all in one, and capable of becoming spiralizers, fresh pasta makers, mincers... and many other things thanks to their accessories. KitchenAid robots are perfect kitchen helpers and ideal for home bakers and pastry chefs.

It should be clarified that they are not robots that cook (they do not emit heat), they are assistants to prepare the recipes and facilitate a large part of the steps and processes to prepare them.

Which KitchenAid model is the most common?

The most popular robot of the brand is the Artisan model. From KitchenAid Artisan there are several, you will distinguish them by the last 3 digits of their codes, mainly 5KSM125, 5KSM175 and 5KSM185. These robots are exactly the same, what varies are the accessories they incorporate.

Among the Artisan, currently the most common is the 5KSM175, since it incorporates numerous accessories that are most useful (highlighting the shovel with a flexible side to access all the corners of the bowl (which the 5KSM125 model does not incorporate) and a bowl It is very practical when you make pastries, and you will be interested to know that it fits perfectly inside the main bowl, so you do not take up extra space in the kitchen when you are not using the robot.

Differences between Artisan 5KSM125, 5KSM175 and 5KSM185

The Artisan 5KSM125 , 5KSM175 and 5KSM185 models are the same food processor, with the same characteristics, the only difference being the included accessories that you can see detailed in the table below.

As a summary, the 5KSM125 model has fewer accessories than the 5KSM175 , and as a particularity, the model 5KSM185 has the same accessories as the 5KSM175 , but made of stainless steel (unlike models 5KSM125 and 5KSM175, which are made of enamelled aluminium).

Comparison table of KitchenAid models

classical Artisan Artisan Artisan Artisan heavy-duty heavy-duty Professional
5KSM45 Mini 5KSM125 5KSM175 5KSM185 5KPM5 5KSM7591 5KSM7990
Ability 4.3 liters 3.3 liters 4.83 liters 4.83 liters 4.83 liters 4.8 liters 6.9 liters 6.9 liters
direct transmission
planetary movement
Speed 58 at 220rpm 40 to 200rpm 58 at 200rpm 58 at 200rpm 58 at 200rpm 58 at 220rpm 58 at 220rpm 40 to 220rpm
metal body
extra bowl 3 liters 3 liters
anti-splash cover
flat beater
dough hook
beater rod
Flexible Side Beater
speeds 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
side arms
Emergency stop and metal protection
Power 275W 250W 300W 300W 300W 315W 500W 325W
Size 24x35x36cm 19.8 x 31.2 x 31.2cm 24 x 37 x 36cm 24 x 37 x 36cm 24 x 37 x 36cm 27 x 42 x 32cm 27 x 42 x 32cm 37.1 x 41.7 x 28.7cm
Weight 10.5kg 8.3kg 10.4kg 10.4kg 10.4kg 11.2kg 11.2kg 13kg
Warranty 2 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

Which KitchenAid model is most recommended?

A KitchenAid robot is an important investment, and it pays to choose well and be honest in our culinary claims. I leave you my opinion on when or why to choose one model or another:
  • Classic model: they have the great advantage of being cheaper, while still having the quality and power of a KitchenAid robot. But it has slightly less power than an Artisan and some accessories will not fit this model. When to buy a Classic? When your desire in confectionery focuses on making sponge cakes, whipping cream and egg whites. If that's all you're going to do with it (and you can do a lot), you'll have enough, aside from savings.
  • Artisan model: they have more capacity than the Classic and more power. If you like confectionery and you know that you will easily go further, going on to make bread dough and you do not want to close the possibility of having some accessory such as the pasta maker, the spiralizer, the refrigerator... like others that may come out, buy yourself an artisan. With the Artisan you will have an ideal power for bread dough, of course you will make all kinds of pastries, a larger capacity bowl and you make sure that the accessories that come out will be valid for it (being the most popular model, KitchenAid will always make accessories that may or may not work well in other models, but surely in the Artisan).
  • Mini model: it was launched with small kitchens in mind. That is the reason why you will buy it, but knowing that it will have a little less capacity and power (similar to the problems of the Classic). Thus, if you have a reduced space, a Mini will be great, but if you can fit it in your kitchen and you have aspirations to go further in pastry, get an Artisan to ensure you do not fall short.
  • Heavy Duty and professional models: let's leave them for those who really do a very, very large amount of pastry, needing a lot of power and capacity to knead large amounts of dough.

Note: As it is a high value appliance, you may be interested in financing the purchase of your KitchenAid without interest. You can do it at Claudia&Julia through an online process, you will find all the information here , or you will see it indicated as an option at the time of payment, in the purchase process of our store.

Do the KitchenAids seem to have less power than another?

It seems so, but it's the opposite! Some people directly compare the watts of the KitchenAid with other brands, and it is thought that KtichenAid has less power, but in reality it is not. It's not just looking at watts as such, it's a combination of power and speed.

While similar products from other brands rely on a high speed combined with a relatively low force to achieve a specific power, KitchenAid products work at a lower speed, but with greater brute force, so we achieve lower power consumption with higher efficiency. (each turn of the paddle or KitchenAid mixer is giving off much better force).

What KitchenAid accessories are essential?

KitchenAid has specific accessories to make certain types of preparations (such as the pasta maker, the food processor, the blender,... you can see them all here ), but to use the KitchenAid in baking there are 3 accessories that for me are essential or highly recommended:

  • The flexible side whisk : with it you make sure you reach all corners of the bowl. Essential for optimal results.
  • The Sifter and Scale Attachment ​​You don't know how grateful this accessory is until you own it. It is a tank with a scale, through which you weigh and incorporate your ingredients at the moment (with this you end up having all the bowls with the ingredients prepared, dirtying less and speeding up the preparations a lot), and it is also a sifter , so the flour is also sifted by him at the moment, requiring you less utensils and ensuring not to dirty the kitchen.
  • An additional bowl is also very welcome, because in many recipes you need to mix yolks and whites separately before unifying your preparations, or you are making a sponge cake and you want to whip cream, or you want to mix one part of the dough with chocolate and the other not for make a zebra cake. The additional bowl, when you have it, is appreciated. If I have to buy it, I find the glass one very nice and practical, but it is also in stainless steel , which in fact already comes with the Artisan 175 model.

As for accessories to make other types of preparations, the winners here are clear: the accessory for ice cream (those who like confectionery know how easy it is to make ice cream and how they are enjoyed at home) and the accessories for making pasta.

By the way! Want a free ice cream recipe book at KitchenAid? You can download this book that we made with love. I hope you enjoy it!

You can see all the accessories we have here , but if you want any in particular you can write to us at tienda@claudiaandjulia.com, we can ask you for it without any problem.

Warranty and recipe book

It is very important to acquire the robot in Spain and not outside the European Union, mainly for two reasons; warranty and plug.

The Artisan models have a 5-year warranty, while the Classic, Heavy Duty and Professional models have a 2-year warranty.

Another important issue is the plug, since robots purchased directly from the United States or outside the European Union do not have the standard plug that we have at home.

How to get the recipe book

  1. Enter the KitchenAid Spain website, access the "customer service" tab and then "Register your product"
  2. Click "Sign up now" and fill out the form.
  3. Once registered, you will receive the book by email in PDF format and, within about 4 weeks, you will receive the book in physical format.

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Es por esa razón que decimos que son iguales de potentes/resistentes.”
Así que no hace falta gastarse el dineral que cuesta la Artisan si uno hace repostería muy a menudo. Es verdad que el bol es más pequeño pero el de 4.8l es compatible aún así te gustarías menos si adquieras el bol.
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Otra consulta:
¿El batidor con lado flexible se puede usar para este modelo?
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