Today we are going to make ricotta cheese and we are going to use it to make a delicious toast: toast with pear, ricotta and honey , a dish that will be a wonderful breakfast as well as a snack or a delicious light dinner.

Ricotta can be prepared with whole milk, which is how we have done it, but it can also be prepared with semi-skimmed milk, so that it is a little more curdled and not so greasy, or even made with soy milk, as a vegetable alternative. The machine we use today, the Ariete , has a program to make plant-based milk that opens up a world of possibilities.

The process to prepare ricotta is very simple. You just have to cut the milk, and we do it with citric acid that you will find in health food stores, or use lemon juice.

The combination with pear is a delight, I recommend it to you all. And making cheese at home becomes a very healthy hobby, I really encourage you to do a little research and understand all the possibilities.


  • 2 liters of whole milk
  • 1 cc of citric acid or squeezed lemon juice
  • Seed bread toast
  • 1 pear
  • 1 splash of honey
  • a few sprigs of thyme


  1. The process to prepare ricotta is very simple. Simply pour the milk into the Ariette Cheese and Yogurt Maker . Cover the machine with the lid and choose the quick cheese program (the second program).
  2. Wait for the milk to reach 80ºC, and when it reaches this temperature, add a teaspoon of citric acid mixed with a teaspoon of water. If you don't have citric acid you can add a squeeze of lemon.
  3. When the machine alerts you with an upward arrow, it means that it is time to drain our cheese. Lift the internal basket and leave it resting until the machine tells us to.
  4. Once you have your ricotta ready, put it in an airtight jar to store in the fridge.
  5. We want to use the ricotta to make pear toast, so we take a pear with clean skin, and cut it into slices, trying to preserve the shape of the pear as much as possible.
  6. Now we just have to plate. You can toast the bread (we recommend it, since the flavor of toasting with pear and cheese is better) or leave it untoasted. Take the pear and place 2 pear slices on top of each slice of bread. With the help of two soup spoons, make the ricotta cheese balls, and present them on top of each piece of pear.
  7. To finish, add a splash of honey on top of the toast and to give it a little color, put a little thyme on top of the ricotta. And there you have it!

Toast with ricotta and pear

Ariete cheese and yogurt machine


  • We suggest you use ricotta in this toast with pear, but in fig season it is also an option that you have to abuse, because you will love a toast with ricotta and figs . You can also combine it with peaches (peach in syrup is also good when peaches are not in season).
  • Use ricotta to fill crepes too! Instead of toast, you can make a ricotta and pear pancake, or just a ricotta and honey pancake... or ricotta and mushrooms or whatever you like. Making crepes at home is also one of the easiest, funniest and most delicious. If you are looking for your ideal crepe maker, I encourage you to find yours here .
  • The Ariete cheese and yogurt machine is a discovery: I love it for its possibilities when making all kinds of cheeses, including vegan cheeses! And its large capacity allows you to make a small amount or up to 2L to have cheese and yogurt in cantidubi!

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Toast


Fatima said:

Hola, tenéis vídeo del queso fresco? Programa 1. Gracias

Mercedes said:

José, el suero tiene muchas aplicaciones y es un pecado tirarlo. Lo puedes utilizar para añadir a la masa del bizcocho, magdalenas, pizza,…. también a la masa del pan en vez de agua o para hacer crema de verduras. Mételo máximo una semana en la nevera o congélalo si no vas a utilizarlo aún.

Carmen said:

José, con el suero resultante se prepara la verdadera ricotta, añadiendo más de leche, sal y zumo de limón. El resultado es una ricotta cremosa y sin grumos. Lo que han preparado en la receta de arriba es queso fresco.
Un saludo

José said:

¿Qué se puede hacer con el suero resultante tras separar el queso?

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