Today I bring you one of those traditional recipes –gluten-free– that never fail: coca de cuarto mallorquina ; This cake with only 3 ingredients (eggs, sugar and potato starch) will delight anyone, from the largest to the smallest in the house. Now that we need simple recipes, without many ingredients, and without the missing yeast, this cloud cake – as I call it – is going to become your perfect ally.

This “cloud” texture is given by the potato starch. This starch is a natural thickener that is used almost in the same way as cornstarch (cornstarch), in fact if for some reason you cannot find potato starch, cornstarch can serve as a substitute, it will not be exactly the same, since potato starch gives more fluffiness but it can be a good alternative until you find the wonderful potato starch. But yes, please, DO NOT CONFUSE this ingredient with the preparations to make mashed potatoes; this preparation is dehydrated potato, etc., it is not starch, which is logically what we are looking for.

This traditional cloud cake from Mallorca , if you don't know it yet, will pleasantly surprise you. It's amazing the great fluffiness without an ounce of yeast . Of course you don't need any companion, but I will tell you that on cold days, with a cup of hot chocolate it is to suck your fingers and for hot days there is nothing like a big scoop of ice cream.

As I have already mentioned before, if right now it is impossible for you to find potato starch, do not worry, we are now in a difficult moment in which you have to adapt and not be fussy. Cornstarch used as a substitute until you can find potato starch, but do not stay without making this wonder.

Now I just have to wait to see your wonderful cocas de cuarto… do you dare?

Yeast-free sponge cake recipe

Emile Henry Ceramic Square Cake Pan and KitchenAid Artisan Baking Robot


  • 6 L eggs (whites and yolks separately)

  • 135g icing sugar

  • 125g potato starch (Santiveri), sifted*

  • 1 pinch of salt

*See notes about it in the second paragraph of the introduction; It can be replaced if you can't find it with Cornstarch.


    1. Preheat the oven to 170º C heat up and down with the rack in the center. Grease the Emile Henry square mold and place parchment paper on the base, lightly sprinkle the walls and remove the excess. We booked.

    2. In a very clean KitchenAid bowl, mount the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff with the balloon accessory.

    3. In another KitchenAid bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar until white and doubled in size. Add the potato starch and continue beating with the balloon accessory.

    4. We incorporate the whipped egg whites twice and we mix them with the help of a silicone spatula and with enveloping movements so that the egg whites do not fall. When the mixture is completely homogeneous, we pour it into the Emile Henry mold that we have reserved. Bake for about 35-40 minutes until golden.

    5. We check that it has been cooked correctly, inserting a skewer, if it comes out clean it will be perfect. Let cool on a rack .

    6. Sprinkle with icing sugar, cut into portions and enjoy with a good hot chocolate.


    You can see all KitchenAid models here. Some of the models, like the Artisan 5KSM175 or 5KSM185, come with 2 original KitchenAid bowls, which is why the text talks about using the first and second KitchenAid bowls in the recipe.

    Majorcan quarter coca recipe

    Emile Henry ceramic square cake pan, ceramic ramekins , WMF ball-tipped whisk and KitchenAid Artisan cake robot


    Alex said:

    Para que no se os baje, tradicionalmente a este bizcocho se le “asusta” nada más sacarlo del horno, se hace en una “llanda”, es decir un molde de aluminio, porque nada más sacarlo del horno tienes que dejarlo caer a media altura contra el suelo (dejar caer, no estampar), parece coña, pero a mí siempre se me bajaba hasta que lo hice

    Esther said:

    Hola, yo le puse la cantidad de azúcar indicada en la receta y también se quedó el huevo solidificado en la base. yo lo achaco a que en mi horno necesita más tiempo de cocción (estuvo 35 minutos) . Además, el bizcocho huele a huevo.

    Maria said:

    Me ha salido perfecta con mi molde para bizcochos cuadrado cerámico Emile Henry y robot de repostería KitchenAid Artisan.

    Laila said:

    Hola, he hecho la receta (aunque le he hechado la mitad de azúcar) y me ha salido bastante mal… se hinchó mucho, pero nada más sacarlo del horno se bajó muchísimo y además se me quedó parte del huevo solidificado en la base… a qué puede ser debido, a que le he puesto poco azúcar?

    Regina said:

    Si que hi ha sucre. Es barreja amb els rovells d’ou

    Teodoro said:

    ¿Nada de azúcar en la mezcla? ¿Sólo al final haciendo una manta de cobertura?

    Almudena said:

    ¿se puede sustituir el azúcar por algún endulzarte más saludable?

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