Buñuelos are a very typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. I bring you an easy recipe to prepare the classic buñuelos de viento and I explain how to prepare the vanilla and whipped cream pastry cream filling or whipped cream.

In addition, I will tell you how to get them to increase a lot and remain very hollow. I encourage you to prepare them because they are a true delight. You will see that your family appreciates that little time in the kitchen. A great luxury dessert for very little money.

What are wind fritters?

In essence, buñuelos de viento are a dough made with flour, lard (or butter) and eggs that are made into a ball and fried. When fried, they swell, taking in a lot of air (hence their name, air fritters, wind fritters). These are small balls, about 3 cm in diameter when they are made.

They can be eaten fried, without further ado, or stuffed. Some of the most classic fillings are whipped cream, pastry cream, whipped cream or chocolate.

Due to their base ingredients, they are an inexpensive dessert that has gained great popularity. You will also see them made with corn flour, or with aniseed flavors. The variations are many and depending on where you take them, but here we leave you the traditional recipe, and we hope you enjoy it a lot.

Buñuelos de viento are a typical dessert in November (it is a classic for All Saints' Day), also a classic at Christmas or Easter tables, but you can certainly have it all year round.

Things to keep in mind

If there is something interesting about wind fritters, it is:

  • That they grow during frying (in the recipe we tell you how), thus taking in a lot of air and leaving holes inside (either to show off a good traditional preparation or to be able to fill them at ease).
  • A good fry : As any good fry requires, the dough should be fried when the oil is hot and at a constant temperature. For this, it is interesting to use an iron frying pan : iron pans take more heat than any other material, and it will help you both to get a very hot oil ready for frying quickly and to maintain that temperature despite incorporating the dough ( For all these reasons, iron pans are so ideal for frying).
  • Put the dough to fry at room temperature : If for some reason you have made the dough in advance and had it in the fridge, before forming the balls and frying them it is important that the dough has tempered (take it out of the fridge half an hour before fry them). Thus, with the dough at room temperature, you will not lower the temperature of the oil as much when you add the balls to the fryer, and you will also get the balls to grow more, getting wonderful wind fritters.
  • Do not incorporate many fritters at the same time : so that they have space between them to grow, and so as not to modify the temperature of the oil either and achieve a good frying.

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Infallible recipe for wind fritters

Ingredients for about 27-30 fritters

  • 170 g of flour
  • 7 g chemical yeast
  • 250g of water
  • 50g of butter
  • a pinch of salt
  • 5 g sugar, plus a little more for coating
  • 4 eggs
  • To fry: olive or sunflower oil
  • Whipped cream to fill


  1. In a bowl, sift the flour and baking powder together and set aside.
  2. In a saucepan, heat the water, butter, salt and sugar. Once the butter has melted and begins to boil, add the bowl of flour all at once and stir quickly without removing from the heat, until a compact mixture is obtained. Remove from heat and continue mixing. Now let it rest for about 5 minutes.
  3. Next, we add the eggs one by one, mixing well between each one of them until they are completely integrated. The dough should be creamy but quite thick. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes in the fridge.
  4. After the time has elapsed, heat plenty of oil in a Mineral B De Buyer iron skillet to a temperature of about 170ºC.
  5. With the help of two spoons greased with oil we form balls that we will pour into the oil. Having enough oil, the balls should float in it and when done, on one side, they turn around by themselves to fry on the other. If necessary, help them with a wooden spoon to turn and brown on all sides. You should not fry many at the same time because they grow quite a bit and should not collide with each other. And yes, let them grow so that they are very hollow inside!
  6. We are removing them with a slotted spoon and putting them on an absorbent paper. Now that they are still hot, it is time to coat them in sugar as I did, and all that remains is to fill them with the whipped cream with the help of a pastry bag , with a small spoon or with the infallible filling gun .

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Tricks and tips

  • Add the sifted flour and yeast at once and stir vigorously.
  • Watch the temperature of the oil in which you are going to fry them, that it does not exceed 165ºC - 170ºC.
  • When frying them, let them grow and do not suffer if they open as it is normal, in this way there will be more holes inside.
  • You can substitute the water of the fritters for milk if you prefer, it can also be done.
  • Some people like them flavored with anise or vanilla - in this case, add a teaspoon of extract to the dough during preparation.
  • You can serve the buñuelos without filling: simply, after removing them from the pan, sprinkle a lot of sugar on top of them and serve them as is.
  • We have filled them with cream, but you can also fill them with pastry cream (in this post , you will see how to make pastry cream the easiest way), chocolate or whipped cream, or make a few of each.

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Author of the recipe: Patry de Sabores & Momentos

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