A fundamental characteristic of a good cook is knowing how to choose the most suitable ingredients for each season of the year. Because although today it is easy to find everything throughout the year, it is worth taking advantage of fresh ingredients when they are at their best. This way you get a better result in the recipe, apart from the fact that the one who eats it enjoys that delicacy much more, which he knows is made with fresh ingredients.

Well, without a doubt, Suny, gastronomic blogger and author of Olivas in the kitchen , has chosen the best ingredient she could choose on these dates to make a delicious bundt cake: chestnuts! And in fact, not only has he chosen chestnuts as the star ingredient of this bundt, but he has also accompanied it with an ingredient that combines perfectly with these nuts, our friend chocolate.

He has made it with one of my favorite Nordic Ware molds , the Stained Glass . Elegant, don't you think?

I invite you to see (and make your own!) the recipe for this rich chestnut bundt cake with chocolate sauce, which you can find here .


Suny Senabre said:

También me gustaría animar a muchas personas a preparar la receta. Es muy sencilla y el resultado es espectacular.
Un postre de lujo con el que sorprender y poner el broche final a cualquiera de las comidas familiares que se nos presentan en Navidades.
Gracias por compartirla.

Un beso,

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