This time Míriam, from The Winter Guest , makes our mouths water with this Apple Pie, made in a classic Emile Henry style mold . Do not miss the recipe, it is certainly as delicious as it looks!

Yes, surely you know those apple pies that appear in the American series, a kind of apple pie, but fat. You can even imagine the illustrious Ingalls family eating a delicious freshly made apple pie in their little house on the prairie... Well, that's the recipe we bring you today.

The dough with which the apple is covered is usually shortcrust pastry. These apple cakes are traditionally made in deep and somewhat open ceramic molds , like the one you see in the photos. They are not usually unmolded and are served directly from the mold.


Each batch of shortcrust pastry: 125g cold butter, diced, 250g cake flour, 1 pinch salt,

60 g of cold water. 1 egg to paint the surface.

Filling: 5-6 large pippin apples, juice of one lemon, 125 g sugar, 1 tsp. of ground cinnamon, 1 pinch of salt, 1 tbsp. of flour, 2 tbsp. of butter.


We first prepare a batch of shortcrust pastry for the base of the cake. In a kitchen robot or blender with blades, put the butter in cubes, the flour and the salt. We mix at maximum speed in short intervals, until we obtain a sandy mixture, but in which a piece of butter is still appreciated.

Add the ice water and mix well, without kneading, just until amalgamated. Stretch the dough with a rolling pin to the size of the mold (previously buttered and floured), on the lightly floured worktop, and carefully place it on it. Trim off the edge, letting it stick out a bit. We wrap everything well in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour.

Just before finishing the rest, prepare the apple filling. First, mix the sugar, cinnamon, salt and flour in a bowl. We booked.

Peel the apples, cut them in half and then into large segments. We are putting them in a bowl and spraying immediately with the lemon juice, so that they do not blacken. Once all the apples have been cut, add the sugar mixture and stir well so that all the apple segments are covered.

We take the base of the cake out of the fridge and put the apple. The pile should stand out because later in the cooking the apples are reduced a lot.

Prepare the second batch of shortcrust pastry in the same way as the base and cover the cake. We cut a little outside of the base layer and tuck what is left under the edge of the base. We press one edge against the other to seal, we can do it with a fork like a dumpling.

Brush the surface with beaten egg and open three or four openings with a sharp knife to let the steam out. Cook the cake at 180° for 60-70 minutes.

We can consume the cake cold or warm; Americans are very fond of accompanying it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... not a bad idea, right?

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Muy apropiado para desayunar

Mª del rocio said:

El recipiente magnifico, facil de desmoldar y muy prctico, gracias por la receta.

Matilde Garcia Vargas said:

Agradezco muchisimo sus recetas, sus “herramientas” para la cocina sensacionales, no hay a cual mas para tenerlo…. muchas muchas gracias, por compartir tanta belleza.

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