Joy takes over me when December arrives. Christmas is approaching, a date that I love: thinking about family meals, those meals that sometimes end up as dinners, and also seeing the illusion of the children when they wake up and run to look next to the tree.

This euphoria that I experience translates into everything I do, and it keeps going through my head what gifts will be the most suitable for each of my loved ones... because I hadn't said it, but I love giving gifts! I love to think of something that will be useful, or that will surprise, or that you will find precious… Choosing the ideal gift for each person and each moment. And I must admit it too… It makes me happy to see that I got it right!

I think we can all get it right with the gift we are going to make. The most important thing is to think about what the person who is going to receive it will like. When the profile is already clear, the only thing missing are ideas. And I think I can help with that, so today I want to talk about products from the store that can be ideal as gifts.

gift ideas

I will start with ideas for those who want to give a whim. What could be a whim? Without a doubt, something that one does not buy by itself, but I would recommend you to opt for pieces that by having them you get a lot of use out of. I must encourage you to think about giving a fondue (from the famous Savoyarde by Emile Henry, to the cast iron one by Le Creuset ). Giving a crepe maker as a gift is another great idea, since many times it is not available, and you end up putting it to great use. Or I encourage you to think of my little jewel: a Chemex, a coffee maker that gives you a clear and pure coffee like no other! (apart from the fact that it is a unique piece of art).

Give a treat: Savoyarde Emile Henry fondue , Le Creuset iron crepe maker and Chemex coffee maker

If you are thinking of giving a gift to someone who likes to cook pastries, I would choose to give a nice mold , a tarte tatin mold or the stamps to make cookies, which are presented in a nice box. If the budget is large, consider giving away a Kitchen Aid ! It's every baker's dream.

For lovers of pastry: Le Creuset ceramic mold , cookie stamps and Kitchen Aid food processor

Then there are gifts for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and who will appreciate utensils that can become an ally. Without a doubt the Spirelli 2.0. It's a hit gift among cooks; as well as a mandolin (it's hard to go through the process of buying one, but if you cook large quantities often, you'll certainly get a lot of use out of it).

In this block, a good knife cannot be missing: many times it is not paid attention to, when in fact it is the most used utensil in the kitchen. Having a good knife is essential, and it is also a great gift: the vast majority are presented in a nice box, which makes them an ideal gift. There are many kinds and categories of knives, but that is why you may be interested in seeing the posts in which I talked about Kitchen Knives , or you can directly see the Knives section (if you want to go quickly for something really different, go see the Japanese of Kai ).

gift ideas for a chef

For stoves: Spirelli 2.0. , Kobra mandolin and Kai Japanese knives

Now let's think about giving away kitchen utensils that help us cook on a daily basis. The first, without a doubt, is an iron cocotte , the whim of every lover of chup-chup, slow cooking and traditional flavors. For its price, it is sometimes difficult to buy it, but having it becomes a dream come true. With them, not only better flavors are obtained thanks to their cooking properties, but one cooks happier by being able to use it, and it is an investment for life, since iron cocottes can easily be passed on to our children.

The second utensil that I think is very suitable for regulation is a wok : we all have pans, pots and grills, but a wok is an element that is often left for later, and that is a shame. Cooking vegetables, meat and fish in a wok is a delight, fast and tasty cooking that will surely get us to use it more than we might think a priori.

I follow my list of gift ideas, and I think that many of us will agree that giving a pot as a gift may not be the most attractive gift for many... I think that it would only be recommended in the case of those people who have a really old cookware or in disrepair. But giving away a pressure cooker ... That's something else! Many would like to have one, it is gained in time and in the properties and flavor of food, but they are expensive, so taking advantage of the excuse of gifts may be the ideal time to get one. Also now, we have several with very important offers, which I think makes them a very good opportunity.

For chup-chup lovers: Le Creuset iron cocotte, Le Creuset wok and WMF pressure cooker

Finally, I can name some more products that are also often chosen as gifts. It is up to you to see if they fit with the person you have to surprise:

- A teapot is a very recurring gift. There are some really beautiful ones, you can see them here . You can also accompany it with some of the best teas in the world, the Kusmi Tea brand teas that we have in the Pantry section, and it will end up being a unique gift.

- A tagine , a utensil designed for great lovers of slow cooking, and who will enjoy its special cooking properties: get juicier food since the same cooking steam rushes over the food again.

- Some beautiful and delicious mini-cocottes : choose all of the same color, or each one of a different color, and it will be a delicious gift.

- The Le Creuset set of mugs , with a beautiful presentation.

- The jar of jam , or the jar of olives , authentic cuquerías.

- The thermal bread bin , another whim that only those who try it can truly appreciate what it means to enjoy hot bread, toast and croissants at the table for a long time! Besides, the panera is pretty.

Le Creuset teapot, Le Creuset tagine , ceramic mini-cocottes , Le Creuset coffee mugs, Mastrad jam jar and thermal bread bin

- A classic: a cookbook ! There are books that are wonderful, some are timeless, others are authentic novelties that are worth discovering. I invite you to see them.

- If you are just looking for a little detail, the Walkers biscuit bus , the beautiful Jules Destrooper boxes , the Quartet set of special jams, the Kusmi Tea sets or a delicious panettone can be very good options.

gifts for him

Without ceasing to be valid the previous options for boys who are attracted to the world of cooking, I would now like to take the liberty of talking about gifts that may be ideal for them. I think there are several products that you can really like, and I can't miss this opportunity to say so. First, an Opinel mushroom knife . It's so great! I think it makes an exquisite gift for those who enjoy going to the woods in the fall or who have that adventurous spirit.

Then there are the barbecues . We have both traditional coal and gas, all of them magnificent! It only remains to decide which one goes more with him.

And the other recurring and very practical gift are the corkscrews and the cooler bags . When it comes to corkscrews, Screwpull-Le Creuset is the best in the world (and that's not saying anything), and whichever you choose from the brand has been designed for excellent cork removal. Perhaps, as a gift, it is worth evaluating those that include a vacuum pump, to extend the life of the wine; but whether you include it or not, a corkscrew is a very good option.

ideas for boys

For them: Opinel mushroom knife , Eva Solo charcoal barbecue, Weber gas barbecue and Screwpull opener set

gifts for children

Some time ago I made a post talking about possible gifts for children. If you are looking for one, I invite you to see it.


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