Thank you very much for being here. I hope you like Claudia & Julia and that you find this section enjoyable. In this blog I will be telling news about our project and aspects that I think are interesting about the products we sell.
Today I would like to tell a little about the situation of the online store. It's been more or less a month since we started working (the first order was from December 6, 2011), we launched the website a bit against the clock to be able to arrive at Christmas time. During these days, Internet stores sell an average of 40% more and it was necessary to take advantage of this pull as much as possible.
To this day, we are still polishing up some aspects of the website and finishing off some store features that should have been active from the beginning. We are also introducing new products, we have many things that we are sure you will love!
Our assessment of this first month has been positive. We have carried out a Google Adwords campaign (Google ads) to publicize some of our star products that have allowed us an encouraging sales volume. Surely we will continue with advertising campaigns on Google but we still have many fields to touch such as positioning (work content well to come out first in searches), social networks and blogs, newsletter campaigns, other advertising platforms, coupons, etc. .
We are currently looking for support to be able to promote the website. We have many ideas but little time and also very little experience in Internet promotion.
That's all for today, soon I'll tell you a bit about the new product scoring functionality we're rolling out.
Jordi Manero


Francisca said:

Estoy tan entousiasmada de haber os encontrado que he enviado el link de vuestra página a amigo(a)s y familiares !

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