What a pleasure to listen to Luísa - Cooking with my Carmela - talk about the recipe that she brings us today! "Yummy, yummy, and easy and quick to prepare." Because I think you'll agree with me that slow, traditional chup-chups are great, but we also like practical recipes for days when we don't have much time in the kitchen. So I'm sure today's recipe will interest you!

For the weekend I always look for simple, tasty recipes that don't take up much time with my family, that's why I've decided on this recipe, since it's always very successful at home. Almost every week I usually buy a pork tenderloin, I tell my butcher to cut it into medallions and you can cook it in less than half an hour. At the same time that you prepare it, you can fry some potatoes or boil a white rice for the garnish and you will have Sunday lunch ready in no time.

Apart from reducing time in the kitchen, something that always worries me when it comes to cooking, are the pans, some last two months and others since they are bought they stick, but this has stopped happening since I have the non-stick pans from LeCreuset . I am super happy with them, they are of such quality that just by holding one in your hand you understand the difference with any other, and you will undoubtedly use it daily.

But good things must be taken care of, and for this reason I remind you of some advice that you have surely heard before: do not scrub it with abrasive products and use a sponge to wash it, and when cooking, use a wooden or silicone shovel to don't scratch it. Also, remember not to heat it to maximum temperature. You'll have a frying pan for a while!

In the photo, Pallarès boxwood blade knife , Le Creuset non- stick frying pan and Le Creuset salt/pepper mill

Ingredients for 4 people)

1 pork tenderloin, weight about 800 gr approximately
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 knob of butter
250 liquid cream for cooking
50 ml of whiskey
Black and red pepper to taste


Remember to ask your butcher to cut the sirloin into medallions.
In the Le Creuset frying pan , add the oil and butter and when it is melted, lower the temperature a little so that it does not burn.
Seal the meat medallions and reserve on a plate. Add the cream to this leftover oil along with the peppers and the whisky, all at a low temperature so that it does not boil, leave to cook for about 15 minutes.
Add the meat medallions along with the juice they have released and cook for another 15 minutes. After this time it will be ready to serve.

As a side dish, I always present it with a little white rice or with some delicious homemade fries.
It is a delicious dish for a Sunday and it is prepared in a short time, I hope you enjoy it.


Maria Luisa said:

El solomillo de cerdo en medallones siempre me queda duro, aunque lo hago poco tiempo. No se cómo ablandarlo. ¿Tienes alguna indicación?

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